• I was hit by someone on their phone

    12/6/18, I was hit by a car merging across 3 lanes of traffic staring at their phone. Lucky for me, I had a dash cam and caught the whole thing. This is a ridiculous problem and not only is it dangerous, It makes traffic worse.
    Countless times I have had to sit through more than one cycle at an intersection because people are too busy staring at their phone to react to the car in front of them.

  • The people who using phone while driving will make them not focus on driving so they can't see the obstacles along the road.

    Using phone is more dangerous than drunk driving because when the driver using phone while driving is same as a driverless car driving on a road.Therefore the possibility to happen a accident will increase.Use your opinions to think about it when you see a driverless car driving on the road, it that dangerous or safe for you.

  • Phones are dangerous

    Maybe the driver is talk with someone through the phone and the speaker said something to the driver that made him upset and this upsetness may make the driver lose ability of driving that can lead to lose control over the car . So please people make a decision to put your cell phones away or the innocent people will be killed. :(

  • Do not drive in the car

    Dont in the car because you could be going to a place and you could hit a building and kill a lot of lives working in that building. If you have kids then you and your family can die easily without you getting warned about what is happening when looking on a phone

  • Too Many Lives Are Lost

    There are just too many lives that are lost because of cell phone use. Everyday lots of people die because someone was distracted or was using a cell phone. It just makes the roads less safe for everyone including the people not using cell phones. If you would like to use your phone for directions get a GPS and if you want to use it for music get a MP3 player its that simple, no lives need to be lost over a cell phone.

  • Cell Phones NEED to be Banned While Driving

    Drivers will hurt people on the road and in the car. This is a danger to everyone. It is more dangerous than eating or drinking behind the wheel. Even drunk driving is less dangerous. Possible death could happen if you had your phone while driving. Calling 911 is different. If you were the only person in the vehicle, then you should call. If not than the passengers could call. Cell Phones NEED to be Banned While Driving.

  • Distracted driving kills thousands : the statistics for 2015 are as follows; 3,477 people were killed, and 391,000 were injured, and all of them are worldwide. In the world there are more teen distracted driving accidents, some of which are fatal. You should be allowed to have your phone with you in the car but not on person, in case of an emergency.

  • So many deaths or injuries

    "In 2013, according to statistics compiled by the Department of Transportation, 3,154 people died and another 424,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes caused by drivers who were distracted because they were texting or using cell phones." this is a quote from (http://www.Personalinjurysandiego.Org/topics/facts-about-texting-driving/) that is almost 427,000 killed or hurt in just 2013. That number is to high. We need to ban the use of cell phones while driving unless it is 911.

  • Us as teens need to be move focused other texting and calling or being on facebook ect.

    If we are driving yes we need to call 911 if we get in acsident but thats y u can have your phone near but but on on or in your hand i am 16 but my phone stays away to avoide a crash thtas all . . . .

  • I just advise you to never text or call while driving. Its wrong.

    Why do we even need phones while u drive anyway it will definitely get u distracted u should leave them at home or leave them in your purse and if it rings stop the car and answer it unless u just want to keep going and not answer at all. You shouldn't even need to drive while texting or while talking on the phone, its wrong and really dangerous. I advise you to not drive while being on your phone it could lead u to a car accident or death.

  • Why cell phone should not be banned

    Cell phones should no be banned while driving because what the point of banning cell phone while driving. People eat or do their makeup when driving that as dangerous as using a cell phone yet no one bans it. Their are things on the road that are very distracting as much as a cell phone. People can get in a car crashes do to anything. There are worse problem than driving and using a cell phone.

  • I like my phone.

    I play games while i drive. Candy crush is addictive. Also Hay day is fun. Also, My sims might die if i don't play 24\7. I would appreciate it if i could continue to play flappy bird while on the interstate:) I appreciate your time for reading this. Thank You

  • Just texting should be banned

    I think that calling people on the phone while in the car should not be banned because what if it's an important call or you need directions to a place you've never been before. But texting should be illegal while driving because you can concentrate while talking but you have to type the individual letters and when you do that it takes your attention off the road.

  • It is not the phones fault

    The driver might be distracted like by putting on makeup or eating! Yes texting Is bad but there is Bluetooth which is hands free. The phones are not. There is some car crashes from texting still but not all from texting and driving. That is why i think we should not ban cell phones well driving.

  • There are many other safety hazards without your cellphones

    I know that some accidents happen while texting, but there are many other safety hazards without your cellphones. Like when your work called,and you cant answer, you might lose your job, or if you crash, and no ones around, how can you call 911? We know what your saying, but maybe some reasons would need a phone.

  • They should not ban cell phones while driving

    If you are a ambulance driver and you get a call for help but your driving you cant awnser so that person could die so that is killing more people by not even being able to call them and even if you got there you would not be prepared because you never got the call for what the problem was

  • What about emergency's

    People always witness accidents that have happened, but what if you witnessed the start of the accident what would you do. Personally, I would call 9-1-1 but that couldn't be possible if you weren't able to use your cell phone. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • Cellphones should be allowed

    If there is an emergency with your family and you want to know what is happening then of course you are going to call a family member to find out what is going on. Cellphones are sometimes important when driving. That is why I think cellphones should not be banned.

  • The necessity for communication at all times.

    A phone is supposed to be a communication device. What is the point of a device if you can't communicate with it all the time? What if there is an emergency, and someone wants to inform you? Who would take all the time needed to pull over and then pick the phone and then start driving once again? Also, one can use hands-free technology such as Bluetooth to use the phone in a safe way.

  • What is you get into a car accident and need to call 911

    And u didn't bring your phone because it was outlawed and know u are screwed because you have no to call the police and might even result in death which i know the united states doesn't want to happen so that's why i believe phones with driving should not be outlawed

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