• a useless distraction

    When you are in a student in school there is no reason to have your phone on or even with you. Students are supposed to be in school to learn and by allowing them to have their phone you are providing a distraction to the lesson. If students absolutely need to make a call arrangements can be made to make a call in the office or from the teachers room so cell phones are completely useless and un needed

  • Parents can call the main office

    If the parents need to talk to the students, they can call the main office. Students would use the emergency as a scapegoat to have the cell phone. This is a problem because parents would be calling students phones in the middle of class distracting them. If they could call the office they would have a reassurance and students will not be distracted.

  • cell phones are AWESOME and should NOT be banned

    As bad as you may think cellphones are at schools, they are not! Cellphones can be very usefull if used for the right purposes. Of course, students would have to have the self-discipline to not use them for bad purposes, like playing games or going on facebook or something else. But they could be useful if students used them for the right purposes, like using planners, or making reminders, or using the calculator. (if allowed!) Which is why I think, that cellphones should NOT be banned in schools.

  • Cell phones are a major distraction for people my age in classes.

    Cell phones go off anytime during the class period and there are times where we could accidentally call someone, and not just only that but also students could cheat on a test by looking for information on the Internet. Also, they get distracted on their cell phones by being socially active by texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...

  • Absolutely yes

    im doing a project in school where i have to write a spech on why not to have cell phones in school and i believe that they are misused and are often stolen. this is not the child's fault but i believe that parents should not let their kids have phones. in case of emergency they can call from the main office

  • Cell phones should be banned in school so kids can focus on learning instead of texting.

    Cell phones should be banned in school so teachers (whose job is hard enough already) do not have to compete with a phone to gain a student's attention. For those students who need phones to contact a parent after regular school hours, have a stipulation that all phones must be turned off during class and regular school time periods.

    Posted by: Quibarce
  • I'm a cellphone person but...

    I'm a student and i love cellphones but there's a certain place where you can use them and that's not in class. if you need to call your "mom" (or so the excuse goes) use the office phone. if you need to talk to someone, talk to there face not through text or email or at least talk to them voice to voice BUT NOT IN SCHOOL!!!!! Use your time not the teachers time i mean she takes time out of her schedule to teach you. so why cant you take time out of your day to text or call someone and again...NOT IN SCHOOL!!!!! its not that hard to to wait until you get home to text, if so there is a cellphones anonymous (just kidding, but if there was that place would be packed) i hope you some if not all of the people on the NO side learned that cell phones can be used at home and that they don't give you security they give you a dilemma so ask your self would my grandma do this would my mom take it to school??? if you said yes your WRONG because they didn't have cell phones back then and they did fine didn't they they didn't have to text in class they waited til they got home to talk to their parents, so you can do the same!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, I believe electronic devices should be banned from schools.

    They should because children could cheat on cell phones. Plus, cell phones cause a huge distraction in school. It is a status symbol for teenagers to make themselves look cool. They cause a lot of bullying too. Students use them to cheat, send inappropriate content, play games or set up drug deals. Instead of improving their grammar, they will just use spell check.

  • Yes, but for different reasons.

    It's not the Cell Phone that is the main problem. It's the feeling of power that the phone gives them. Yes, cell phones are an important part to our society, but with teens, the misuse of this power is shocking. Just because of a cell phone, they think that ignoring their education, staring at LCD screen for too long and posting anything they want is fine. I'm not saying ban cell phones because their bad, but until teen stop abusing the power that cell phones give them they should be kept at far distance from any school.

  • School is a time for learning not messing with your phone.

    Cell phones can be distracting in classes and you might get in trouble with the teachers and it might cause bad habits like text ting or talking on your cell phone in class or maybe when you get older you might be driving while driving and that's bad and if you do use your phone in school you might get your phone taken away for a whole day or a long time.

  • Definitely not

    Everyone focuses on the negative of having a cell phone in school. "you're just going to cheat." "you can wait until you see that person, and talk to them face-to-face." "you're wasting our time using your phones in class." First off, 99% of high school kids have cell phones now. How can we not have them on us at all times? If we forget something at home, we can text our parents. If we need to ask a friend something, we can text them. Also, most cell phones have internet, so that can be a very helpful resource during class; not necessarily during a test, but other times. On a more serious note, think back to the shooting at columbine high school. The first call made to the police and the news stations were made using a cell phone. If those students didn't have their cell phones on them, there could possibly have been more fatalities. And lastly, some of you that are all for banning cell phones in school because we "won't focus on the lesson" or "they're a major distraction", might want to check your spelling and grammar before you deliver your argument. You look a little ignorant, and won't be taken seriously.

  • cell phones are bascially the life line of kids

    im a student, and i have never once used my phone to cheat on a test. yall are stereotyping us for no reason. i only use my phone if the conversation is like of importance and meaning to me-also in case of an emergency-like last week i found out my grandma went to the hospital becuase she had heart proplems and passed rather find out in school then wait till after becuase she could have died..... or what if i forgot my big 100 point project at home? due next hour....hmm my dads already home why not text him and have him drop it off...its not as much of a distraction as everyone makes it out to be.

  • Mobile phones - both good and bad!

    On the one hand, it is good that children are easily able to contact their parents, which results in parents feeling like they are releasing their children into a safer environment. However, other people say that phones can become a distraction if used inside the classroom. According to research, in 2000 only 12% of students admitted cheating in tests. Since the more common usage of mobiles in the last 5 years, this has risen to a staggering 73%!
    In contrast, other research shows children without access to mobile phones do not necessarily do worse in tests.
    Similarly, mobile phones have also been linked to life-saving incidents in school. In 2007 a serious incident occurred on a school field. A child was badly injured and it would have taken minutes to get back to the school to make a call. However due to one of the students having a mobile phone, the head-teacher was called immediately and the emergency services had been contacted within seconds. Therefore, in some cases, having mobile phones could actually save lives.
    Many parents give children mobile phones to keep them safe when walking to school. As a consequence, however, there have been many accidents involving children and cars whilst the youths are listening to loud music on their phones. 41% of children between the ages of 9-16, have been in incidents involving cars whilst listening to music on headphones. 24% of these accidents have resulted in deaths, ruining the lives of the families as well as the drivers.
    Therefore mobile phones have their advantages and disadvantages. We have decided as a class, that overall we feel the benefits outweigh the downfalls. We will be continuing to allow mobile phones in our school - with the understanding they should not be used in the classroom without teachers' consent.


  • No

    Teachers now a days don't even teach anyway there too busy trying to get you suspended, write you up or take a cell phone. What happened to actually caring about the students. Focus on what's important and by the way i was a straight A student throughout highschool and i used my cell phone all day/everyday. It doesnt mean that you will fail or anything it means the teacher needs to TEACH better or make something interesting otherwise i wouldnt have to turn to technology! I swear soon or later we aren't going to even need techers we'll have professors teaching on a computer the

  • No, no, no.


    Teachers nowadays don't even teach anyway. They're too busy trying to get you suspended, write you up or take a cell phone. What happened to actually caring about the students? Focus on what's important. By the way, I was a straight-A student throughout high school and I used my cell phone all day/everyday. It doesn't mean that you will fail or anything. It means the teacher needs to TEACH better or make something interesting, otherwise I wouldn't have to turn to technology! I swear, sooner or later we aren't going to even need teachers. We'll have professors teaching the class on a computer.

    Cell phones aren't a big deal.

    Cell phones can be used as a resource. For research, a dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, etc. Yes, there is Facebook that you can access but there are so many useful things that you can use. It may be rude to "text" while a teacher is talking but it is less rude than asking to step outside of class to make a emergency phone call. I don't think they should be banned.

  • Yes, cell phones

    No, because if there is a break in or any other emergency, how is a parent supposed to to come pick up their child for safety? Also, if a child is having a great day, it could be ruined because students don't have the technology they need to study. They could use their own technology if their isn't enough technology, why shouldn't students be able to use their own?

  • Cell phones in school should be allowed.

    I say cell phones should be allowed in school, because we can go on the Internet with out having to get up and go to a computer. Also we can search up anything we want and when the bell rings we don't have to stay in class to work on a project on a computer.


    would have to have the self-discipline to not use them for bad purposes, like playing games or going on facebook or something else. But they could be useful if students used them for the right purposes, like using planners, or making reminders, or using the calculator. (if allowed!) Which is why I think, that cellphones should NOT be banned in schools.

  • cell phones are not stupid

    I am a student who belives cell phones are essensial and you can use it for dictionarys, calculators, theasures etc...
    so thay should not be banned within schools hours. What happens if you forget your dctionary you can use a phone if you forget or calculator you can use your phone and if you forget some thing you can use your phone no matter what you can use your anywhere.

  • they should not be banned

    they can be used for educational uses like calculator or internet services. cell phones can be used for looking up information, or retrieving information from a teacher. cell phones can help organize by using it for knowing what your homework is, taking notes, knowing what days you will have off of school and other stuff.

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Anonymous says2013-02-18T15:32:27.123
yes mobile phone should not be allowed in school because student could cheat it distract others from their work it disturb the teacher and the students
Anonymous says2013-02-28T23:49:12.607
Even though cell phone have many advantages and disadvantage i think that it should be banned from schools.
Anonymous says2013-02-28T23:51:30.463
Many students just can live without their cellular phone.
Anonymous says2013-03-02T17:54:08.110
many americans can live without burgers. Moral of the stories: they don't. Speaking of banning cellphones, the idea is pretty silly. Cellphones provide a sense of security, you can call anyone if anything happens. You don't need to memorize numbers like you used to in the 1990s. You can do quick researches and websearch if you own a smartphone. You can listen to music during break times. And if you really do not want to get distracted, then keep them away in class!!!! If they distract me, it is my fault. If it distract the class, teaches may take it away. Why the hell ban it?
Anonymous says2013-03-05T08:15:26.997
all do cellular phones are important to teens these days there are not good uses in school some teens use there cell phones to send nude pictures to others and some cheat in there exams yes there parent need to get unto there children but thats just an excuse most children cant careless they want cell phones to be popular.some in some cases only want cell phones for style and to annoy teachers.some students just want cell phones to distract others i have ah cell phone well ah blackberry and it distracts me when am studying. some teens dont even no the important of education yes u have strong points on it should not but overall it should.
MasturDbtor says2013-04-03T04:14:34.283
I just don't get why ban them from just being in school. Ban students from using their phones in school during school hours absent emergency, yes! But what's the point of banning them from just being physically present? Students have legitimate reasons to just have the phone on them. They may need to make a call right after or before school.
MasturDbtor says2013-04-03T04:16:02.097
One thing I notice is that people are very very quick to impose more and more restrictions on kids in schools. Are we forgetting that they are there against their will? Shouldn't we be nicer to them because of that?
Anonymous says2013-04-22T00:43:51.230
They should be banned!!!???
Anonymous says2013-05-02T09:58:11.283
Mobile phones often lead to cyber bullying
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-03T12:51:16.133
@MasturDbtor You just made me start thinking about this a lot more.
Anonymous says2013-05-21T14:35:28.070
I think thats a good idea
Quan says2013-06-04T16:55:14.687
Cellphones are so ingrained in our society it may as well be considered a basic human right. They assist us so much with our daily lives. It helps us connect to friends and family and puts a source of virtually unlimited knowledge right in our pockets. It would make more sense for the education system to adapt to modern society than for society to adapt to an archaic and failing education system.
Crash01 says2014-03-04T16:33:57.557
They already allow phones in school they just don't want us to use them in class
heyjude922 says2014-07-30T00:19:56.193
Mrs edmonds from scc is old and wrinkly and is kinky for any guy ;)
TrinitHall.o says2015-11-13T22:12:28.390
Are you schools serious were supposed to be land of the free what's next must wear same clothes,must have same name ,must have same race,must think same,must do everything,must only eat school lunch, now what does that sound like? Oh ya hitler
cell phones are our property and we deserve no we have the right to own and use our own property
TrinitHall.o says2015-11-13T22:12:47.310

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