Should cell phones be permitted in schools?

Asked by: Hamlind
  • What do you think?

    Students could use cell phones for educational purposes, during down time and for safety. The use of this technology would allow for a student to research right from their desk. Many applications are available to aid the learning environment. Students with down time could use their phone to read a book, play games, or communicate with friends. In regards to safety, carrying a cell phone would allow for immediately calling for help in an emergency situation.

  • I agree, they should be allowed!!

    Cell phones can be used for learning as well. You can't always rely on the teacher for information because half the time, the teacher doesn't know what they're talking about!! What if you miss important information? When you use Google for research, it's convenient and you don't have to keep asking questions.
    Don't treat students like prisoners!!

  • Of course they should be allowed

    Well what if they need it? Like idk a relative was sick, or they have a doctors appointment? Or something. And it be a pain in the butt to go back home get your phone then go back to the place your going :p it be easier to just have it with you all the time

  • Phones need to be in schools for research

    I think we should have cell phones in school. We could do research at school. We could do a lot more research then we can do because of the PARCC testing. Schools that take the PARCC testing have no class time at all. The schools should require kids to have phone so we could do research.

  • I think they should be in schools

    I think they should be in school because after school you need to call your parents if some one don't pick you up. After school if you get board you can play on your phone our something like that. And if you need to look something up you can just use your phone!

  • Yeah I definitely think so

    Yeah I definitely think so. When kids are taught how to use them properly, they can be a really helpful tool in the learning process. Additionally, with how prevalent cell phone use is today, I think it's important to teach kids proper cell phone etiquette early on. As long as cell phone use is handled responsibly and incorporated into school lessons, I see no problem with it.

  • Cell phones should be allowed so people can text in class after their work is done

    If students finish their assignments early, they should be allowed to use their phones to do things like games and texting, as long as it doesn't disrupt class. It's a free country, after all. I would like it if students were allowed to listen to music in class. Music is life!

  • No they should not be permitted

    Kids will be kids they can pretend to be using their cell phone for educational purposes when in fact they are playing games, watching YouTube or text messaging, causing distraction, sending photos to other classmates. By this the teacher would be asking that student to turn off their cell phone.

  • A Strong NO NO...

    Kids at junior level should be encouraged to participate in classroom and bring in practicality and creativity . With phones allowed in school , I dont see how kids will not get distracted and spend more time chatting than studying. Even if they use it to find solutions to problems, they would eventually never learn how to use books for the same purpose.

  • No Phones should no be in schools

    No because it will bother with there education and they will be on there phone all the time.If they are in middle school they Will be Late to class all the time.It is just stupid to have phones in schools. Also kids will be geting in troble with there teacher for being late

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