• Cell phones acceptable

    Cell phones should be allowed in class, others complain that it might be distracting with the sounds, but that can be changed within the settings of the phone. Also, phones nowadays can access the internet which is full of information that kids could use to expand their knowledge. My teacher lets me use my cell phone in class for educational purposes and it has since boosted my output of great work.

  • Times have changed it is as simple as that.

    As a student I thank you for devoting your life to educating others, I myself am interested in being a teacher myself someday. Although you have a point about distracting technology this is true of all technology. Technology is a tool that can easily be made to work for us. Would you propose getting rid of computers as well? Of course not. Cell phones nowadays especially smart phones are able to retrieve information at a moments notice that is usually inaccessible. Computer labs are often packed to the brim and teachers cannot use them often at all. On the other hand most people have cell phones many of them with advanced search capabilities. The possibilities are endless when it comes to applying technology to education. Using them on a research project or the like with the teachers permission is not only convenient but also sensible and logical and I fail to see how you can argue against that?

  • Cell phones should be allowed in class

    Cell phones can be useful in many ways one of which is by pulling the internet which can allow children to expand their vocabulary,and can also lead to the easing of buying dictionaries and calculators because they can have easier access on their phones.Why argue on the topic that cell phones should be allowed in classrooms

  • They are very helpful in class

    In class, i need my cell phone for a lot of things. When my mom is late from work she lets me know in advance. I also set test dates and study times into calendar and reminders. I also take notes inside of the notes app when I forget my notebook and or pencil. My cell phone is very helpful and I would not be as such a good student as I am now.

  • Can Help Educate

    When it comes to teaching phones can useful in many ways, sending our dates for assignments. My school does that and it helps me remember I have something due. Not all kids use phones as a distraction and it would not be hard to find the ones who are messing around.

  • Yes we need in case of an emergency

    What if you are in class and u get a code red and and something happens wile in the code red u cant call your parents it is also needed in school for a bunch of resson like if u need medicine or you have to contact a parent in case of an emergency

  • Just in case

    They should be in class but not during a lesson because you may need it incase of emerency like "YOUR CAT DIED". Also they can be used as a help in class. You can play games if you like like cool math games because they are for and educational purpose. Also if you dont have a notebook you can use it to take notes.

  • I think phones should be allowed in class.

    I think that phones should be allowed in class because, a emergency can happen to a relative but you can't go home so someone calls you and tells you. I think that's helpful because you alert an adult and they can call a relative and tell them what's happening and the relative they can call the ambulance.

  • They are important in today's world

    First of all they provide safety, cell phone is like a support. It gives access to internet which could be used for educational purposes. It should definitely not be allowed during lecture but must be allowed during breaks .Settings could be changed accordingly such that it doesn't disturb the class

  • If you think it, is very useful.

    If you are working in class, you can see the Wikipedia or other websites for look for information for the work. You can see digital dictionaries or books for do not have too much weight in your schoolbag. I do not have more to say. Bye and see you soon!

  • No no no

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  • No, just no

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  • Cell Phones make you distracted to be nonintellegent

    Cell phones are very bad for you. First of all, cell phones will distract you from taking notes and you will not know what problem equation it is on the test or when you are on your phone you're teacher will say for example" Max, how do you solve 5 x+3=15?" Then looks from his phone and says to the teacher, "um mm, I don't know," and go back to his phone. Second of all, it gives you bad grades when you don't pay attention. And third lastly, it will make you cry and embarrassed when the teacher takes your phone away and people laughing at you like that is funny. So that is the lesson, no cellphones!

  • Can cause a interruption

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  • No phone in school

    Phones can be used to do bad things. Like taking a picture of some changing. People who use there phones can be target by predators. Predators lurk in chat rooms on social media sites and other web sites. They can start rumors and send it to other kids and the rumor starts

  • Cell phones could increase cheating

    If a student decides to bring his or her cell phone to school, there is a possibility that they would use it in class while no one knows. Then, once they get used to doing that, they will start texting while they take a test. This can cause a big increase in cheating.

  • Distract minds of student

    Students should not use their cell phone in school
    if we use cell phones in school we can't focus on our studies because this phones always disturb you with its notifications,msgs,games & etc.There is nothing wrong in using cell phones but we should use it in limit means in our free time not in our study time. If we use cellphone during class for social networking it is wrong but for studying it is good if can't understand a word than we can use instant dictionary .

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