• Yes its fine to have a phone in school

    Why not? What if you forgot how you are getting home or you need to look up something real quick for an essay without having to go to the library and find a book with the correct information. Although if you use a phone in school to text in class or something thats not what i mean by having a phone in school is ok. Be responsible and then yeah that seems ok

  • When I was In high school, yes, but as an adult in college? NO

    In high school kids will lie and say they need phones to look things up, or to communicate in case of emergencies. I have told these lies to my teachers. However most high school kids do not value their education. They do not believe that each word the teacher speaks has merit and is important in their goal of learning. I learned this in college. Every word uttered from even the most incompetent professor is important to you. So, each moment that a child spends on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, is robbing themselves of what they need, is rude and disrespectful to the teacher, and shows that they do not care. If emergencies arise, there are phones located in every class room in every school. There is no need to have a cell phone in a class. The only permission of this should be granted to those with children; as sad as teen pregnancy is, there are always some teen parents and they might need to step out and answer on behalf of their child. Other than that, no.

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