• I think they should allow Cell phones in school

    They should allow Cell phones in school because if there was ever an emergency, a student can quickly grab their phone and call for help. An intruder breaks into the school, or there is a student with a gun, and the teacher can't get to the phone, a student can grab their phone and call 911 right there. So who agrees?

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  • Yes, I think there should use there cellphone at school

    For me personally, I think we should allowed to use our cell phone for research something and a lot of other stuff like where I think I should use my cellphone at my school. At lunch at in hallways, bathrooms because it might be emergency and I might want to call my parent's. Another reason is that sometime smart phones can teach a lot of thing than teacher can't teach us some stuff and some time if you want to find a answer you can on your phone. I think teacher should allowed us to use cell phone.

  • I think we should be allowed to use cellphones at school.

    We should be allowed to use cellphones cause . As you can see many teachers don't teach how they are supposed to. Cellphones help a lot of kids like to find something that their class is learning many Schools don't allow phones usage, but at least they should let students use their phones during lunch.

  • Yes, I think they should be allowed

    Teachers are on their cell phones all the time, so why is it a problem when the students do it? There's nothing wrong with having some free time at lunch. Not everyone has a friend or friends that they can talk to, so they need something to keep them occupied. No one wants to look like a loner. It's bad enough when teachers overwork kids!!

  • Cellphones should be allowed in school

    Personally I think people should be allowed to have their cellphones in school. I think they should be allowed to use them in places like the cafeteria, the hallways, bathrooms but not when the teacher is talk or in class, taking a test, or such. It is pointless to not allow students to have their phones. If students aren't allowed to have phones in school the teachers shouldn't either.

  • It is distracting and there are usually 1:1 laptops

    Some phones don't have data and it is pointless. Schools should let students listen to music on Spotify so that students don't need phones to do it. Music helps kids concetrate. It eliminates focus on schoolwork and it makes kids want to text all class which may decrease their grades. They will post stuff on social media at a time that isn't right for that.

  • They are very distracting

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  • Schools have the Tools

    Schools already have tech tools for students to use for online activities. Taxpayers have spent a lot of money on providing computers for student in the classroom and they need to use them. The school computer normally has protections from inappropriate websites which personal cells don't have. Personal cells phones distract students from class work rather than help them.

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