• Bandwidth throttling is there for a purpose

    Data throttling, or known as bandwidth throttling should be legal, it's use is for a purpose, to not hold up servers, or make their mobile server slow, what shouldn't be legal is making customers pay for faster data after their network has been slowed down. Cellular providers should limit the speed of data after an amount of data has been used.

  • Net Neutrality Is Part of A Free Society

    Data and information might be the most important currency in the world now. It can't be put in the hands of private companies. Government should protect equal access for all, just like access to roads and utilities. Net neutrality is crucial, and throttling by private companies is a huge issue for a free society going forward.

  • It is your data, not anyone else

    This is a bit crazy. It is one thing to have the government track your cell phone and internet coverage, but to have your cell phone company be able to track who you call, when you call, and why you call, is simply a violation. If it were me, change companies.

  • No, cellular data throttling should not be legal.

    When a consumer signs up for cellular plan that bills itself as including "unlimited data", they expect the service to provide just that: an unlimited source of mobile data. For a major provider such as AT&T to do anything to undermine this fact is dishonest in the extreme, and the user should at least be aware that what they're getting is not truly unlimited data.

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