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  • We fought for this

    We fought for our freedom of speech, and when we do censorship, it breaks that amendment. When we censor things in schools and other places like that, it builds up a wall around us and when we go out in the real world, we get shook about what is usually censored.

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  • Censorship shouldn't be allowed

    For starters censorship shouldn't be allowed because it bleeps out things that people say. We have a say right? Freedom of speech, right? I feel as if we don't have a freedom of speech anymore things getting bleeped out. What we say is important. We have a voice but how? How do we have a voice seriously. Censorship shouldn't be allowed. I can see abut small children with nudity and fowl language. They are going to hear it one day and see it one day. Wouldn't you want your children to ask you instead of learning it from their friends and using it or doing things inappropriately.

  • Censorship artificially alters societal opinion.

    Censorship is a way of blocking work or words with which one segment of the population disagrees. If we adopt a policy of censoring those with whom we disagree, then we are creating a facade that does not equally represent the perspectives of all citizens. Those who do not wish to view or read those things they feel should be censored simply should not view or read them. But the right of others to view or read them should not be revoked.

  • Government censorship is wrong.

    There's no need for government censorship. Speaking as an American, such a thing is antithesis to our First Amendment and the freedom of expression we value so much here. However, I am perfectly okay with TV networks and other private companies deciding what kind of content they will allow themselves to distribute. But that's not really censorship, it's the free market (another American ideal) at work.

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