• Yes. Censorship is a good thing

    I do consider myself to live in a free society and it strikes me that the only people who would argue against censorship are people with vile, Hateful things to say. Censorship is only an issue if you wish to spread hateful rhetoric. Most people censor they’re speech in everyday life, When communicating with family, Friends and strangers because we don’t want to hurt or insult them. It’s part of who we are.

  • You need censorship in a Democracy

    Without it you will be swamped with misleading information, disinformation, and general fake news that will destroy democracy from the inside and confuse people in that democracy on what is actually real and true.

    Of course complete censorship leads to facism, but zero censorship (complete freedom of speech) leads to fracturing of society, collapse of democracy, and could very well result also in facism.

  • Censorship should be justified in a free society

    It is my opinion that censorship should be justified in a free society. I feel that in a free society people have the right to censor themselves if they so choose. This is the best way that censorship can be employed in a society that allows for such civil rights as ours.

  • There are lots of great reasons for censorship.

    I think there are some times when censorship is completely justified. I don't care about your idiotic slippery slope, either. We've decided that messages that incite hate and violence are socially unacceptable. I would have no problem censoring people who spread such messages, and sanctioning them severely so they learn to keep their mouths shut.

  • No, it should never be.

    I do not think that censorship should ever be justified in a free society, because that actually cancels out freedom in its own way. Besides, even when things are censored people know what they mean, or see it uncensored in real life. The days of censorship need to end right now.

  • No, I don't think censorship should ever be justified in a free soceity.

    I think censorship is a tool used by Governments when they want to suppress the freedoms of it's citizens, the inability to access legitimate and honest news is not a symbol of a free society, so overall I think that censorship is often used by Governments trying to control their citizens and become the opposite of a free society.

  • Censorship Shouldn't Exist

    I do not believe it is possible to justify censorship in a free society. Free society should allow free speech, open media, and all else. Censorship is not a facet of a truly free society. I am deeply troubled when I find my government censors certain things and I find that it doesn't fit my ideals of what a free society is.

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