• Why can't it

    We can eat anything, and do whatever, as we have the liberty of choice. We therefore can eat cereal as breakfast, if people want to, as it is their liberty of choice. THe dEbAtE iS hOwEvEr nOt about if cereal is good for breakfast, it is about a breakfast food. And because of liberty of choice, I affirm.

  • It taste good and actually has tons of vitamins and minerals.

    Sure it isn't the healthiest thing to eat but Cereal is still better than Donuts. Cereal has lots of vitamins and minerals and honestly was a really great part of my childhood. Obviously everything should be eaten in moderation and in healthy portions but cereal is fine. Cereal also goes with milk most of the time which is cancer causing....Oh...I mean is *reads script* good for your bones..... Well if you use soy milk than you are good to go!

  • It is unhealthy.

    Cereal is very unhealthy. This is why it should not be a breakfast food. It is loaded with sugar and calories. Having this kind if food in the morning is a bad start to your day. We should eat other things that are healthier, such as bread. This can greatly lower he obesity rate as well.

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