Should certain breeds of dogs, like pit bulls, be banned?

  • The conversation shouldn't be about which dog breed bite, but rather which ones kill

    Even if you are one to buy into the defense that dog bite statistics are skewed, it is irrelevant. The bans are not in place because of the number of bites inflicted by pits, but the severity. These dogs maul, they kill. The statistics are there to prove it. Hypothetically if pugs had a record for aggressiveness it would probably never be reported because the wound would likely not be serious. This is the reason pit bulls appear in the news and not pugs. It isn't newsworthy that your neighbor's pug bit you, but when a pit bull bites off a child's arm, this is sickening. It's not about the media unfairly portraying pits, if a pug killed a baby you bet it would make headlines. It's the fact that this particular breed is more likely than others to do major damage when it does snap.

  • They are mindless killers

    Ban Pitbulls. Regardless of the owner they maul and maim more animals and children than any other breed they should not be allowed to be owned or kept as pets. Rescue shelters and humane societies are doing our community the huge disservice by re homing these breeds. And now there's too many lab pitbull mixes is out there that are unpredictable

  • Public safety should trump peoples urge to own violent and dangerous pets. We live in a society with other people, and respect is nexus.

    PitBulls killed 25 people in the USA in 2013. All other breeds combined killed 6. These stats do not include the thousands of attacks every year that result in death and injury to other pets, and people and children. PITBULLS maul and disfigure hundreds of people every year. People live in fear, in their own communities of these killing machines. The breed, deed slogan seems like a rallying cry for the dim witted. To punish the deed would mean reacting to a terrible tragedy, instead of preventing one. We are talking about animals, not humans, and PITBULL supporters seem to think the dogs have the same rights as humans. The argument that properly trained dogs is the answer does not fly either. Almost every story concerning PitBulls attacking is the same. "The dog never showed any aggressive behavior before, and it just snapped". Many long time owners, who would be classified as good owners, have seen their PitBulls snap, and attack. So good dog owners are not the answer to this problem. Good dog owners may be part of the problem because there is the element of surprise, they are confident their dogs won't attack, and when they do they are not ready. There is also no way of monitoring good owners and dog behavior. Reacting to attacks with fines and such is not an option, as innocent people, pets and children being mauled and killed to give PITSBulls a chance to prove themselves in society will not stand. We can not own Tigers as pets in our society because it would compromise public safety. The same should apply to PITBULLS and any breed of dog that proves to be a danger to the public. 25 dead people in 2013 can not testify to these dangers. 25 people killed by PITBULLS in 2013 clearly show the potential of these killing machines, and a potential killer has no place as a pet in our society.

  • In the dog world, it is racist

    We would not ban people of a certain race, just because some of them have committed crimes, why should it be any different with dogs?
    Some breeds do tend to have more aggressive natures, but that just means that breeders should be more careful who they sell them too. Every dog deserves a chance.

  • Hatred is taught not bred

    I cannot believe there are SOO MANY PEOPLE against pitbulls. I have read all of the FALSE claims made against America's darlings. You need to do your research before you just type up ignorant comments. In the 1900's pitbull attacks were practically extinct. MY RANT IS OVER.

  • Pit Bulls should not be banned.

    They are trained and breaded. It's not their fault. We can't automatically say, "Oh, there's a pit bull right next to that hurt person/animal. We should blame them and ban them for that stupid reason!" Do you want to be locked in a cage or killed? I sure don't. And it's not good for the dogs.. They are as good as humans and smarter. We can't keep blaming dogs for our actions. We need to take responsibility for our actions against other people.

  • No they shouldn't.

    Certain breeds of dogs, like pit bulls, should not be banned. However, certain breeds of owners should be banned. This is because it is the owners that cause the dog to be vicious. A pit bull does have a slight tendency to be more aggressive than the average do, but it is the owner that makes the dog vicious in the first place.

  • No breed of dog should be banned

    I am opposed to any ban on certain breeds of dogs. Each breed of dog, such as pit bulls for example, may have certain traits and qualities that make them more suitable to attack people, but these qualities can only be brought out through training by their owners. Isolated incidents that are reported in the media are the result of irresponsible dog owners, not irresponsible dogs.

  • Certain dog breeds should not banned

    I believe that certain dog breeds are just as dangerous as all other breeds. It just depends on how a dog is treated and what kind of environment that it grew up in. I believe that all dogs have a capability to turn if treated wrong, so why ban any dog breeds.

  • Pit bulls shouldn't be banned

    They shouldn't be banned because it isn't the dog acting the way it acts it is the owner that trains it to act the way it does. Some Pit Bulls are actually really nice and loving dogs. They only act mean when you mess with something they don't want you to or it is the owners fault that it is mean.

  • If you say yes you are so human,

    Humans alone have caused the most death of humans. 437,000 intentional homocides in 2012. Compared to the number of deaths caused by pit bulls it makes them look like the most innocent animal on the planet. Yet all you think about is yourself, shaking my head. I'm so disappointed in humanity.

  • People should be banned from owning animals

    Pitbulls, specifically used to be "nanny" dogs in the early 1900's and are proven to be the most caring, gentle, and loving dogs. If a human being cannot handle an animal, and is not responsible enough to raise one in a healthy and loving household- then certain PEOPLE should not be allowed to own such animals.

  • Its all on the owners

    It all depends on how the dog is raised and how the owner treats the animal. Even when they take pit-bulls put of fighting situations you can still try and train them to become the loving beautiful animals they are. Im 16 and volunteer at an animals rescue that sadly takes in more pit-bulls or pit mix breeds then most. Most of them are the sweetest dogs ive ever met. I even have a two pit-bulls at home and 3 other dogs. Ive noticed that my other dogs tend to be more aggressive then my 2 pit-bulls. They used to be known as nanny dogs because of the compassion they has for their owners. Banning a certain breed because of something that a couple of the dogs do is like banning a race because of something a group of that race does to harm.

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