• I probably shouldn't vote

    If I were to vote on an issue that I did not understand, I could be voting against the way I would actually feel about an issue had I understood what I was voting for. That said, I can vote for anyone or any issue for any reason (ex: candidate with a cool name) but I shouldn't be allowed to cast my ballot without a clear understanding of the potential consequences of voting for or against a person or policy.

  • Dumb people are dumb

    And I think if you were a stockholder of a business, and they need a new CEO, you wouldn't want someone of he street or something that knows crap about the business to hire the next CEO now would you? If you don't know what's going on you shouldn't be allowed to vote. ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!!

  • Voting for a handout

    If you take government assistance you should give up the right to vote until you can support yourself. Food stamps, welfare, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, etc. It is a conflict of interest to vote for the ones that are handing out the goodies. I'm sick of being forced to pay for others laziness.

  • Religious adherents should be barred from voting.

    Christians, Jews, Muslims and people of certain other faiths believe in a “higher authority”: that is their respective god or gods; and they also believe that their fates are decided by their chosen religion’s given deity or deities. With this being the case, religiously-indoctrinated people should not be allowed to interfere with the lives of normal people by voting for politicians who espouse repressive, religiously-influenced policies on subjects such as abortion and marriage.

  • Uneducated

    People unaware of political events or apathetic of politics should not be allowed to vote, because they would not have knowledge about who or what they are voting for. Too many people who don't have any valid reasons for voting for their candidate vote. People who don't understand politics, in short, shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  • Some.

    I think that there are certain people that should be restricted from voting. Although it is a right that people in America have, I think that there should be a mandatory viewing of the candidate's running points with no bias before the election. Too many uninformed people vote and elect people who do not deserve to be.

  • How will you determine what is "uninformed?"

    What if somebody was raised to believe all Democrats were the best and to only vote for Democrats, regardless. No education needed, just vote for the Democrat. What if it was vice-versa? How could you determine that someone is "stupid" and thus doesn't deserve to vote? Even though they may be uniformed, they still have a vote. They have the option to scrap their ballots or not vote if they are uninformed and if they don't know the platforms etc. but likes Democrats we cannot stop them from voting simply because they have no justification or reason too. Voting is a right and we need to allow people to.

  • No, everyone should be allowed to vote.

    Although I'd love to say yes, those people that tend to disagree with my political leanings shouldn't be allowed to vote, but that's ridiculous. Not allowing certain people to vote opens up a can of worms. I could imagine a world in which fewer and fewer people are given the right to vote, and that is not a democracy.

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