• Yes, change is good

    Anytime you have a festival as large as Edinburgh Fringe, you should always be looking for ways to change and make things better. Find ways to streamline things, see what areas can be improved, keep up with the times, remain relevant and responsive to attendees concerns. Change is good, it can be hard but it’s worth it to keep things fresh.

  • The fun of the Fringe is its evolution.

    The Edinburgh Fringe enjoys a heritage rich with culture, music and color. Changes and modifications is how the festival stays relevant. The changes may not be major, but their must be adaptations as the modern art world transitions into the next generation. Sticking to tradition just for traditions sake is how art festivals become dry and boring.

  • Changes And Modifications

    I personally think that the changes was Because oil is a non-renewable resource, the world will eventually run out of oil, and at our current rate of global consumption this is bound to happen sooner rather than later. Fracking is not only a catastrophic environmental hazard but it is also only delaying our switch to renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power.

  • It's very popular.

    No, changes and modifications should not be made to the Edinburgh Fringe, because it is a very popular festival, and there is something for everyone. There are children's shows, there is comedy and there is music. It is held in August when the weather is warm enough for everyone to enjoy it. It is the best Scotland has to offer.

  • No, leave it alone.

    the Edinburgh Fringe is easily the largest and most dynamic arts festival in the world, and it is one of the most amazing things a person will ever behold when it comes to human creativity. Do not change it. Let it be the organic entitiy it is, and continue on unchanged.

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