Should changes be made to the way the CIA is run?

  • The CIA is Currupt

    The CIA should be overhauled to promote peace and safety. It seems that, right now, the CIA is used to further US economic and military goals overseas and even to spy on our own citizens. Instead, the CIA should work in harmony with other countries to make sure that people are safe and secure, but also have the basic freedoms we enjoy in the United States.

  • No. Don't undo, just retool.

    Overall, this is an agency that seems to be effective and efficient. There are probably minor changes that can be made to particular policies and operating procedures, but on the whole, we should not try to fix something that is functional. The organization does not need to be rebuilt at this point.

  • No Reason To Change the CIA

    The CIA, by it's very nature, needs to be an autonomous organization able to freelance as much as possible. I'm not even sure what changes anyone should even suggest. Any problems with the organization stem from the fact that its members must be recruited from the human race. As long as proper oversight is present, leave the CIA free to operate without major overhauls.

  • The CIA does a good job

    I don't think it needs to be changed, all branches of our government should strive to improve all the time though.

    I think that people might want to focus on this issue now that there has been a high profile case of the head of the CIA cheating on his wife, that doesn't really mean the branch is needs an overhaul just the person that was messing up.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2015-01-04T17:34:54.890
Stop Lying !!!
The so-called "national debt" Alone is Over $18 TRILLION, & Going Up.
They're not only BANKRUPT, They're Way In The Red.
They Have Virtually ZERO $ For Anything Whatsoever.
Politicians All Over The World Are Also Having Very Severe Budget Problems.