Should charges against Terry Mcauliffe be brought prior to the election?

  • Yes, charges should be brought against Terry Mcauliffe prior to the election.

    I believe charges should be brought against Terry Mcauliffe prior to the election. He should be given the opportunity to be charged or found not guilty before the public votes him in or out of office. The case against him should be handled fairly and expediently. It is not right to delay proceedings solely due to an election.

  • Charges against Terry Mcauliffe should be brought prior to the election

    There is no good reason whatsoever to not bring charges against Terry McAuliffe prior to any election. You do the crime, there should be no preferential treatment - political or otherwise. The man is as dishonest as the day is long and the people of Virginia deserve to have the perpetrator prosecuted sooner rather than later.

  • Yes, thereis no point in delaying anything.

    Absolutely charges should be brought if they are founded. Just because he is a rich businessman does not mean he should receive any special treatment. If he were Joe Average, he would probably already be in prison. Bring the charges and the let the jury and trial proceed as it is intended to be.

  • Justice, in due time

    This case should be handled just like any other case under investigation. There should be no delaying or speeding up of this case, just because it could hurt Governor Mcauliffe or Hillary Clinton's chances in the upcoming election. What is going on in Virginia? This is the second consecutive governor to be accused of accepting improper campaign donations.

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