Should Charles Darwin and the notion of the "selfish gene" be discarded?

  • No one is inherently selfish

    It's a learned behavior in my opinion. I believe everyone has an ounce of innocence when they're born. Sure, they are imputed with sin from Adam. But that's inherited sin (which results in physical death for all). I still I believe everyone is born with innocence when they are born.

  • Genetics and Logical Thought

    Firstly, Charles Darwin's theories in their entirety cannot be discarded because they have been proven in nature such as natural selection and physical adaptation. Charles Darwin himself cannot be discarded as he is a human being. As for the 'selfish gene' that is better termed the 'self-preservation dominance gene', it is more complex and requires more study. The concept of selfishness is an ethical or moral one and has no place being in scientific terminology. However, the notion of a person's DNA having a component that is meant to preserve one's self so strongly that it seems selfish to others then it warrants further study AND an appropriate term including the words 'natural self-preservation' and 'dominance gene'.

  • He had a point.

    No, Charles Darwin and the notion of the selfish gene should not be discarded, because he had some good ideas. The rest of us should consider his theories and either correct them, or improve upon them. A lot of people believe him, so his theories should be given consideration and modification.

  • Darwin was right.

    Charles Darwin and the notion of the "selfish gene" should not be discarded. This is because his research on the matter was correct. People and other animals are quite selfish, and many of them act purely through this mechanism. To discard this would be to believe that all people wanted to care for was people besides themselves.

  • Both Are Very Important

    The selfish gene was first introduced by a man called Richard Dawkins, not Charles Darwin. Two entirely different people. Charles Darwin was responsible for the evolution theory which I suppose we could draw some connections between the two. Both theories are important and the title of the "selfish gene" doesn't really do the concept any justices. Neither should be discarded.

  • Not sure what you are getting at..

    Charles Darwin cannot be got rid of, as Charles Darwin was a man that died multiple years ago. If you are referring to the theory of common descent, then no it should not be discarded. The idea of the selfish Gene (attributed to Richard Dawkins?) is a great theory that explains evolution of traits. So what you have got here is two very different things, me thinks you maybe need to read more.

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