• He has served his time

    I do not underplay the seriousness of the role Charles Manson played in the Tate and LaBianca murders, he was clearly the head of a murderous conspiracy. However, people have been released for crimes that were equally as heinous after serving less time than him. In a fair system, the celebrity of his murders shouldn't affect his time.

  • No, Charles Manson should not be eligible for parole.

    No, Charles Manson should not be released from prison or eligible for parole because he is a threat to society. Manson's crimes were one of the most disastrous to society and while in prison, he has not shown remorse for his crimes. His victim's families deserve justice and releasing him from prison would not be a clear sign of justice.

  • No, Charles Manson should not be eligible for parole.

    Charles Manson should not be eligible for parole. Manson orchestrated one of the most brutal attacks in history that murdered several people. Manson is therefore a threat to society, and should never be allowed back into the public. Furthermore, Manson's victims are dead forever, so he should not be rewarded with parole.

  • No, Charles Manson should never become eligible for parole.

    In the case of Charles Manson, the life sentence should definitely mean life. His crimes were truly evil and damage the lives of his victims and their families. He was able to influence his cult followers to commit murder and there is no reason to believe that he has lost this ability to manipulate and control other people. he should stay locked up.

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