Should cheerleaders be allowed in high school?

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  • Why wouldn't Cheer be in High School?!

    --Its not competitive
    --There's nothing wrong with it
    --Is a great way for your High School to cheer on your team
    --Great way for girls to get involved if they like cheer, dance, or gymnastics rather than like track or basketball
    --Fun activity that requires no equipment
    --High School cheer is NOT what it is like in all those movies like "Mean Girls"
    --Don't you want your school to have a little school spirit?

  • Organized cheering should be allowed in high schools.

    School cheer teams support developing teamwork in it's members, athletes morale, and of course helps to make participants more physically fit. These teams allow individuals to identify early whether a future in it or related fields such as dance is something their interested in. We shouldn't let the actions of a few destroy a good thing but rather help them to understand what they are doing has negative effects on others. We should all strive to treat each other with respect and not let envy or jealousy cloud our minds. Be happy for them and support them and you may find in time you have softened their callous hearts. Regardless their opinions and actions are that of those individuals and not of the programs. Student teacher boards should address these issues if they exist in your school. Be brave and stand up for yourself but don't attack a system or part of society that has checks and balances already in place if you haven't used them first.

  • Cheerleaders shouldn't be allowed in school

    Cheerleaders shouldn't be allowed in high school because they make the students that aren't cheerleaders feel bad. The cheerleaders in high school are usually snobby and don't deserve to be cheerleaders. Whenever I was in high school, the cheerleaders were mean and used to pick on me. Also the coach was very snotty to me and made me feel bad. She would favorite the cheerleaders all the time and I would hate that.

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Your personal experience with any athletic doesn't generalize off of them and doesn't mean they shouldnt be allowed in high school.