• Cheerleading is not all Pom-Poms

    Cheerleading is actually a very dangerous activity if not done properly. Just as a footaball player can get a concussion on the field, a cheerleader can fall from the top of a pyramid, or get hurt just by simply falling incorrectly from a jump. If cheerleading is not a sport, than neither is gymnastics or acrobatics.

  • It is a sport

    Dance is considered a sport in a way, and cheerleading is exactly the same. You have to learn routines, you have to be agile and certainly not everyone can do it.
    People say that it is only for 'bimbos' and 'dumb blondes' but a lot of people cannot dance at all and a lot of cheerleading requires a lot of training and some knowledge of gymnastics.

  • Without a doubt.

    To excel in this activity, a person must be physically fit and have considerable endurance. Many of those who participate in this sport, spend as much if not more time working out, then the team players they often cheer for. Anyone who has ever participated or watched cheer competitions at any level, knows that this is a sport or athletic activity.

  • Cheerleading is indeed a sport.

    Cheerleading may have emerged as a promotion for other sports players, but today, it is no different than synchronized swimming or marching band in terms of athletics. If you've seen professional cheerleaders, you'll see that what they do is not just chant rhymes or wave pom-pons. They are serious dancers and gymnasts. They deserve as much dignity and respect as any other kind of performer.

  • Cheerleading is a sport!

    A sport is something that requires physical activity and competition. There is this thing called "Allstar Cheerleading" and it is competitive, in fact, they go all the way to WORLD competitions! Cheerleading has an element of gymnastics, with all the flips and handsprings that they do. Also, cheerleaders do stunting, which involves throwing people up into the air! That requires lots of skill.

  • Of course cheer is a sport!

    Cheer is just like other accepted sports - for example, having practices that are hours long, representing schools at competitive events, and risking injury are all characteristics typical of cheer that make it a sport. It requires the exact amount of dedication of drive to be a cheerleader as it does to be, say, a basketball or football player. Obviously, cheerleading is a sport!

  • Cheerleading Is A Sport

    Cheerleading is an intense physical activity in which involves many dangerous stunts. Cheerleaders are often expected to work out at practice (i.E. Running, etc.) 3-4 times a week to stay in best physical condition before weekly games. Also, many people consider bowling and golfing to be a sport (when a person in a wheelchair can do such things), so why not consider cheerleading being one?

  • Cheer is a sport!

    Cheer should be consider a sport and here are the reasons why. . .
    If you look up on the internet what makes a sport a sport you will notice that cheer meets every requirement. Cheerleaders Exercise, Compete at competitions, And they require strength when it comes to lifting girls into the air. Not to mention they have a whole other life in their hands. Cheer is considered one of the most leading injury sports according to the America Medical Association. Including concussions, Broken bones, And often fatal injuries.

  • Yes, Of course!

    Cheerleaders, Along with dancers and figure skaters, Are some of the hardest working athletes out there! Cheer takes SO LONG TO PERFECT. Not to mention that everyone else like football players and baseball players just play some dumb sport and throw a ball around! My god. People, Listen up. Cheer IS a sport.

  • Well it depends

    No I do think ALL types of cheerleaders work hard but in my opinion school, high school (non competitive), and side line cheer shouldn’t count as a sport and let me tell you why. Now I’m not saying if your in one of these types of cheer you are not an athlete because the amount of stress and work your body goes through to learn and perfect your skills definitely makes you an athlete but those types of cheer are not a sport because you are not competing therefore competition and especially All star cheer is a sport now I’ve cheered for almost eleven years now (I’m fourteen) and I’ve done every type of cheer except school cheer because I don’t wanna be a sport helper no offense if you are I just like to be pushed I am currently in an All Star gym and I can tell you this is the hardest I’ve worked that’s been the most worth it so yes cheer is a sport if you compete and work on skill a

  • Cheerleading is not a sport

    You only cheer for other team. You put on makeup ,you do not get points and there are no rule. If cheer leading is a sport then football teams and other sport teams should NOT have cheer leaders.I will agree that it involves physical activity, but that alone does not make it a sport. I agree they work hard but how hard is it to jump and scream not very hard

  • No of course not

    Cheerleading is not a sport. There is no competition. No talent. Skimpy outfits. Waste of time. Just another excuse to let your daughters parade around in skimpy short tight fitting spandex. Exposing her to the world to be stared at by perverted. So you who say yes need to become responsible parents.

  • You can't score cheer

    No not a sport no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • Not a Sport

    The verb to sport meant to have fun at first. Following this definition, anything that is fun would be considered "sport". However, by modern standards I do not believe that cheerleading should be considered a sport. I will agree that it involves physical activity, but that alone does not make it a sport. Games such as "tag" or "capture the flag" involve physical activity. Also, all sports have a certain goal in mind to achieve victory. The only point of cheerleading is to do flips and cheer, which is not a real goal in my opinion.

  • Cheerleading originates from "cheering on" men's athletics.

    At best it is a niche sport. But certainly won't ever be any kind of mainstream sport.

    Also, there is a reason that women have their own division in every popular sport they compete in... The vast majority of Men are simply bigger, stronger, and faster than their female counterparts.

  • I'm kinda on the fence with this one...

    I know their is such a thing as competitive cheer leading. So really it should be considered a sport, I just don't like the fact that most people do consider it a sport. If cheer leading is a sport then football teams and other sport teams should NOT have cheer leaders. People are their to watch the other more interesting sport not see you scream and jump around.

  • Cannot be Compared

    Cheerleading does involve physical activity, but can it really be compared to sports such as water polo or rugby? It should not be put in the same catagory as these sports that have an actual objective, whereas cheerleading does not. Sad to say it, but their routines are almost equivalent to that of a strippers when they are not doing stunts. I can shake my butt too, but I don't go around calling it a sport. I play water polo and I can definitely say that my practices are 100 times harder than theirs and I am not worried about looking cute during one of my games.

  • Cheerleading isn't a sport

    Because cheerleading is not always competitive but all other sports actually are competitive. If cheerleading were a sport, less people would do it because the only reason people do it is because its not competitive. It takes different physical needs that are not exactly competitive "skills". Not everyone knows how to play basketball naturly but it doesn't take much to be able to do a split.

  • Cheer? Not a sport.

    Depending on the type of cheer . I agree they work hard but how hard is it to jump and scream not very hard . I admit that competitive cheer is hard , but if it was a sport , how come the government said it wasn't. Cheer leading overall isn't a sport but id say competitive cheer has the possibility to become a sport

  • Gymnastics is a sport. NOT cheer

    Just because something is dangerous doesn't make it a sport. And just because you are working hard at something makes it a sport. It doesn't take skill, Just a pretty face and a willingness to yell and make a fool of yourself. Its a sad excuse for getting girls to wear short skirts and show off their bodies.

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