Should chelation therapy be allowed in hospitals?

  • Thanks to chelation therapy I was cured of coronary arteries heart disease

    After 26 infusions I went for my regular jogging. I noticed that my heart worked properly. All together I took 40 infusions (EDTA) and my condition was cured. I met many people for whom the chelation therapy was very helpful. Those who want to put stents in your heart and perform by-pass surgery are liars, thieves and murders.

  • Only to treat metal poisoning

    Until more is known about the effectiveness and the health hazards for alternative uses, Chelation therapy should only be allowed in hospitals to treat medically diagnosed lead, mercury or arsenic poisoning. Improperly used chelation agents can be harmful or fatal; when properly used, there are few side effects. Until the general medical community accepts alternative uses, chelation therapy should be restricted.

  • Chelation therapy: NO

    Associated with fatalities, often diagnosed wrongly concerning heavy metal toxicity, whether is was from Autism, ADHD or lead poisoning. Patients have died while trusting that their chosen doctor was knowledgeable in chelation therapy and that the diagnosis received was correct. Chelation therapy has shown to increase cognitive problems, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome has been reported and even death. Neurotoxic effects of heavy metals are permanent and irreversible, which further limits the benefits of chelation therapy.

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