• It's her choice

    Ultimately, it is the candidate's choice on whether he or she will run for office. But, if Chelsea Clinton decides that she wants to run for a public office, then she absolutely should go and do it. I think she would be a great role model and follow very well in her parent's footsteps.

  • Yes Chelsea Clinton should run for a public office, if she is interested in doing so.

    Chelsea Clinton has grown up in politics. Being the daughter of a former President and a Secretary of State she has a strong understanding of the operation of the federal government. Her family has a long tradition of public and community service. Chelsea would be a asset as a member of Congress from whatever state she is a resident of.

  • Yes, she should if she wants to.

    If Chelsea Clinton wants to run for public office and is serious about it, than why not? Anyone who wishes to run for public office should give it a go. That does not mean everyone will automatically get the position, just gives us citizens a larger variety of people to choose from.

  • Sure, if she wants to.

    Anyone who wants to run for office should give it a go. They may not be someone we like, or someone we want actually in office, but that is why we having a voting system. If a person feels they have something worthwhile, they should run for office, just not assume they will get it.

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