Should Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning be sentenced to a women's prison and be provided hormone therapy?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Yes, she should.

    Manning's statement: "As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. I hope that you will support me in this transition. I also request that, starting today, you refer to me by my new name and use the feminine pronoun (except in official mail to the confinement facility). I look forward to receiving letters from supporters and having the opportunity to write back."

    It is known that Manning has been struggling with gender identity issues since childhood. Finally, now that the hubbub of her trial is over, she has decided to come out about her true gender identity and her desire to transition from male to female. As a self-identified female, then, she should be placed in a women's prison with other self-identified females. She should also receive the proper hormone therapy to treat her MEDICAL condition. (For those of you who are still in denial over the idea that transgender is a real thing, or are confused about what it is, I suggest you check out this resource: http://transequality.Org/Resources/NCTE_UnderstandingTrans.Pdf.)

  • Offer him the hormone treatment and tell him he’ll be castrated at the same time to make sure he’s not pulling some scam.

    If he genuinely is a gender-bender he would enjoy being locked up with a bunch of sexually-frustrated men so it would a good idea to let him become a female and lock him up in a women’s prison: but only on the condition that he agrees to have his genitals chopped off to prove he’s serious about it.

    However, if he refuses we’ll know that the claim to have gender identity issues was just a ploy to get locked up in a prison full of sex-starved women.

  • He should be able to identify himself/herself as he sees fit, not as society deems him physically.

    Reverse the premise: Should a woman that sees herself as a female in society be forced into a transgender operation to turn her into a man because she is viewed by society as a man based on arbitrary characteristics?

    Society likes to force their perspectives on others regardless of how those individuals view themselves.

  • No way, dude.

    Pun intended. He is punking everyone. I am not falling for this. I am sure that safe arrangements can be made for him, but sex change surgery is not a right on the tax payer's dime. Pay for it like everyone else, manning! Not buying it. Word up, yo wabbit. Sorry, just getting around the word limit.

  • Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning should not be sentenced to a women's prison and should not be currently provided hormone therapy.

    No, she/he should not. I do not feel Manning should be afforded the opportunity to proceed with gender transition therapy. I point to the timing of this announcement. It seems pretty convienent to all of a sudden publically claim identification as a female in the wake of a 35 year prison sentence. It seems Bradley is using the political plite of the transgender community to try to get located to a prison where statistically will be less violent. I personally see this plea as a well executed sham and spits in the face of transgender people everywhere. Lets not forget that since Bradley will be going to a Federal Prison this process will be on the tax payers dime. If Bradley wants to persue this after the sentence by personal means I see no issue with that obviously. I also ask would a female to male transition land the previously female convict in a male detention facility? I would also like to see a psychological professional's opinion on the validity of Bradley's claim.

  • He's luck not to get shot

    He gave away various classified information, to a third party who made it public so all the wide world web could see it. He's lucky he hasn't been put in front of a firing squad for Treason. He should get no special treatment, the tax payers should not have to pay for his sex change or send him to a different prison.

  • You are a man!!!

    I don't care how much hormones you take or how many operations you undergo, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A MAN! You will always have a Y chromosome and male DNA.

    I think you need serious mental therapy (at your own expense) and sentenced to life in MALE prison. Also, It makes me so mad when i hear people calling you "she" or "her". You're a guy! What's so hard to understand?

  • Rewarding his crime

    The man committed a crime, providing him with sex reassignment surgery and complying with his requests would almost reward him for putting American lives in danger. If he wants to be a woman, he still has that right, however he should raise the money himself, not the American tax payer who's safety he put in jeopardy.

  • Why should we kill Michael Jackson?

    Come on guys, all he ever wanted was to give us the gift of music and dance. It wasn't his fault that his dad was an abusive POS. It wasn't his fault that he had a skin disease that made him so self-conscious that he had it all bleached white so he would look, "better". He had a good heart and great music!
    Leave Michael alone in his second life!

  • Why even discuss this?

    This isn't a complicated policy issue requiring lots of research nor does it require any debate. Although he looked like a guy in a soldier costume at the Greenwich Village Halloween parade, the military (and now prison) are not places to act out psychological delusions of dress up and tea parties. I'm amazed there are people that entertain the idea of indulging this and at the expense of taxpayers.

  • Not on MY dime

    Ask the taxpayers. I work too hard to pay for some criminal to get coddled because suddenly he wants to be a girl. As a former soldier, he should know that women aren't supposed to be treated any differently from men, so his prison sentence will be just as strict. It doesn't matter anyway, he deserves to be locked up in a maximum security prison and fed nothing but bread and water for the next 35 years. What part of CLASSIFIED information do people not understand?

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