Should chemical castration as punishment be enforced?

Asked by: ohsunkyung
  • Evolutionary psychology says that reproduction is the primary concern of most males.

    There is a reason why calling someone "gay" is a bad insult, but saying "stupid" is almost nothing.

    Most people who perform crime do it because they are trying to draw attention to themselves. This is an attempt to make the person more visible to potential mates, a sort of mating call.

    Reproduction is the primary concern of most males, even above death. If you tell a smoker "it causes cancer", he won't care,but if you tell him "it causes impotence" he will probably quit. This is also why the death penalty is ineffective.

    Instead of death, people who perform serious crimes should be castrated, either manually or chemically. To most males, living as a "reproductive loser" is harder than dying.

  • It can leads to another problems.

    In the case of India and South Korea, there are many sexual crimes on the rise and many people argue that "Chemical castration" should be enforced in order to effectively punish them. But, I think it's an inefficient way and I don't agree this argumentation because it can lead to many problems.

    First reason is ethical issue. Because it is not voluntary, ethical problems can be caused. When be injected, they can be felt sense of shame because life as man ended. If they feel it, they take the risk of a depression.

    Second reason is that it does not control their emotion.
    Most sex offenders commit their crimes impulsively. However, Chemical castration can not remove the source of a violent sex offender's rage because it just regulate their hormones. In other words, it is insufficient removing the testosterone because they are able to commit the crime for the purpose of attacking women or children as well as their physical pleasure.

    Third reason is that it is not permanent. When discontinuation of administration, it can not be suppressed sexual desire since testosterone's secretion which was suppressed is livelier suddenly. If the effect is gone without warming, victims will be in danger again.

    Chemical castration has many side effects as well as these three disadvantages. Although chemical castration has the benefits that it has faster effect, its effect will be transient. Therefore, i don't agree that.

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