• Everyone who says no does not know war.

    War is cruel. Chemical weapons are useful. The world allows nukes that can destroy hole states and leave city unlivable for centres and effect generations of children look at Hiroshima a generation mutated by radiation. But chemical weapons are easy to contain have a predictable radius a calculable enemy elimination rate and city are safe to rehabilitate in days not century's. Plus it does not leave generation fr

  • "Rules" have no place in war.

    If you don't want a horrifying inhuman hellscape, don't start a fucking war. Countries should treat war as the worst thing that can ever be, an absolute last resort, not some cute little game with arbitrary rules. Why not just make acts of war illegal and punish any country that uses force in the first place? Chemical and biological weapons should be allowed because we'd have a lot less war of they were. Mutually assured destruction.

  • Strategically necessary in combat

    They are Chemical not Biological which means they are easy to control and a matter of fact they are quite humane as gases like Hydrogen cyanide or Sarin can kill in less than a minute unlike napalm or incendiary bombs which melt people. Chemical weapons are also effective at exterminating enemy positions and I believe War is War and there shouldn't be no restrictions on no weapons no matter how destructive they are, it's stupid to say chemical weapons are inhumane.

  • Certain measures have to be taken

    Yes, they are extremely destructive, but that's the entire point. To me, it's acceptable to let a few innocents die in place of a further 3000. As for the terrorists or war criminals or invaders or whatever; they are fucking tumours and need to be destroyed. Its very disappointing that there are no people for chemical weapons; everyone in this world is progressively becoming more passive until this world will cease to change because all the hippies complain about killing. Of course, I wouldn't murder an innocent person, though.

  • Chemical weapons should be usable.

    This is because chemical weapons can be used to deter countries that pose a threat to us. For e.G: Israel is surrounded by enemy countries and it is necessary for it to control them Most countries fear chemical weapons and thus do not immediately attack Israel since it may have chemical weapons.

  • They don't cause nearly as much suffering as they used to.

    As I'm sure lots of people have already stated, chemicals today can kill just as fast, if not faster, than a bullet, bomb or knife. Cyanide, when used in a gaseous state, can kill in minutes. This may seems cruel, but the person is rendered unconscious after inhaling two or three times.

  • There not as bad as they used to be.

    Biological weapons could kill everyone on earth, simply to risky. But chemical weapons can be safer, cheaper, more powerful and more humane then fire bombs and nuclear weapons. The only reason chemical warfare is a problem is because it causes unnecessary suffering. But modern chemical weapons can stop your heart just as quickly as a bullet. Most military's have NBC suits that can protect them anyway. Just be careful not to drop any on a city, but spraying a military base should be fine. They also should be used only in extreme and specific situations.

  • They could save our troop's lives and innocent lives!!!!

    In every war there has been innocent killings that could've been avoided and its not fair to those who lose their loved ones just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Using chemical/biological weapons could save millions of lives and help us erase the evil people, and only the evil people, in the world.

  • YESSSSS!! This is because war is stupid.

    YESSSS!! This is amazing to help with my project! Thank u guys so much! But, my real point is that war is really stupid and i don't think any country at all would want to risk that many lives! Because also think of all the children that could die out there! And all of the loved ones! So if trump causes the next war we will at least not go down without a fight if we have these handy chemical weapons! So we shouldn't band them!

  • Chemical weapons should be used in wars because it's a great tactic to win a war

    War is very scary and should not even be allowed,I'm sure many people would agree with this. Than again the world we live in is filled with violence and as much as we don't like wat this will always be a factor of life when dealing with people. With that being said people have to adapt to this so when in a war your always looking to defeat your opponent and chemical weapons are a great way to accomplish this.

  • It's just unnecessary

    Just use nukes they're quick and painless and do the same job while chemical weapons are slow and painful, It attacks muscles for example. I suppose nukes can be considered as chemical weapons in some aspects but most of these aspects if not all fit more into the nuclear category.

  • WE really shouldn't use chemical weapons.

    Come on guys. None of you would be happy if chemical weapons killed you or people close to you. The only reason most of you say yes they should be used is because you're just sitting cozy in your homes thinking that the world would be better if America just annihilated everything with chemical weapons.

  • Do u even know what the things do to people?

    These weapons are used on civilians. And have you even researched how they slowly and painfully kill the victim? These things are terrible. Sarin gas. It overloads the muscles and nerves causing convulsions and paralysis. And it even closes your air tube, So you can't even breath. Put your self in that situation.

  • Oxygen is wayyyy better

    Lol no thanks i prefer oxygen like you should try it out sometime. I mean how would you like it if youre home town was chemically attacked without warnings signs. Chemical weapons are very inhumane and honestly shouldn't exist in the first place, thanks to the Central Powers. Good bye

  • No! Why would we do that!!Heck

    Heck no!!! Thats bad !! I believe that this is bad and yurp yurp de durp durp i need to write more words or else i will not be alowed to psot what i want on this argumental debate fatty. NO CJHEMICAL WEAPONS DONT DO IT STOP sincerely, a concerned boi

  • They should not be used

    Don't you have a heart. They kill so many people , harm the innocent and spread harmful chemicals around the area effecting natural surroundings and wildlife . So just STOP IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Chemical weapons should not be use in war

    Chemical weapons can lead to various neurological (brain like) traumas. So why have something in the war when it can affect our own troops as well. So that why in this argument I would rather agreeing on not using chemical weapons in the war so no brain like trauma would affect the users.

  • Do you even have a heart?

    How many innocent people die as a contrast to how many actually deserve to die?! And chemical warfare isn't even like being shot. Unless you in a close radius you are not killed instantly. Its. Slow. And. Excruciating. Children, women, and men all who had NOTHING to do with it and yet must still suffer in agony because we refuse to anything to put a stop to this.

  • Why Even Would You?

    They kill the innocent very easily and are very hard to control. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • No, chemical attacks shouldn't be used in wars.

    If you keep in touch with the media you could see that millions of kids, mothers and fathers die everyday in Syria because of chemical attacks ant this breaks my heart to see that this is what we've evolved to as humans. This is my argument to why chemical weapons shouldn't be used in wars

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