• Unsightly on footpaths and sidewalks

    This has been a problem in the industry for many years and the major gum manufacturers will not speak about for fear of media coverage, I worked for a major gum manufacture for over 35 years and it was always a taboo subject in meetings and conferences. They won't admit it.

  • Were you brought up or dragged up

    I used to be ok with people politely chewing gum with their mouths closed. But I have three open mouthed gum chewers in my office loudly masticating away for 8 hours a day and now I hate all gum chewers. It may promote a slight increase in their productivity, but I have no doubt it reduces the productivity of those around them, who are driven mad by their foul manners on a daily basis. I don't want to see or hear the inside of your gob. I wear earplugs all day, am completely cut off from the world and from colleagues who I used to work collaboratively with. Looking around now - everyone expect for the chewers have headphones in - a whole office full of people who used to work closely have been alienated by rude manners. How dare they be so self absorbed that they think we all want to hear their noises. Their parents should be ashamed.

  • Chewing gum is noise and environmental pollution

    Most people chew with their mouths open which is disgusting. We were
    all taught as children not to chew with our mouths open but gum chewers think they are exempt. It's extremely annoying to sit next to someone that is snapping and cracking their gum as well as blowing bubbles constantly. It's very distracting and annoying. The majority of gum chewers don't dispose of their gum properly. They either stick it under chairs or tables and throw it on the ground for us to step in or
    drive over spreading the sticky concoction all over our clothes or cars.

  • GUM is proven to make u smarter by 77% and also decreases sleepiness my class is doing and argument and it is true.

    Gum also boosts brain power and makes u thinner helps ur heart beat also increases attention jaws also get stronger and even ur memeroy will improve by 79% it even helps when ur at class or work beacuse it helps u be quit in class even when u get in trouble.

  • Yes it should be illegal.

    It is disgusting and people put it on the street, trains, buses and desks in schools. You dont even eat the stuff so why bother chew it and spit it out and pollute the environment when you can eat mints or chewable lollies. The amount of times many people have sat in the crap should be enough convincing to make it illegal anyway.

  • Why am I sticky? (oneechan)

    As an American who occasionally chews gum and realizes how inconvenient it is to dispose of, I strongly feel it should be illegal to possess in public. For every time I've reached under my seat in class or in a workplace breakroom and found someone else's saliva soaked gum on my fingers, I think Singapore has the right idea with corporal punishment. I would be happy to club someone repeatedly had I seen them leaving gum on someone else's property.

  • Yes, chewing gum should be banned!

    I'm a Singaporean, and chewing gum is banned here. Well, it is actually legal to eat small amounts of chewing gum, but you will be issued a heavy fine if you are caught spitting it. Just wrap it up in a tissue and throw it in the bin, for goodness' sake! I love my clean streets. I went to America once, and the streets were filled with wads of chewed chewing gum, which disgusted me and my family. I think it should be illegal to spit chewing gum on public streets, but legal to consume small quantities of it. Just like Singapore! Hope my opinion helps in any way.

  • It dirties the environment

    It is very hard to clean chewy gum that is everywhere land it could cause disruption like in my country Singapore which banned chewy gum because one time, my country's Train service the train door was jammed by the chewy gum because some idiot put his/her chewy gum on the train door so the door got jammed and could not close. So yes. Chewy gum should be BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chewing gum should be banned! But not neccesserily everywhere.

    As people have already said, thousands of people would lose their jobs as major companies (extra, hubba bubba, wrigleys etc...) would go out of business.

    However, chewing gum is used most often as a substitute for brushing your teeth. They can say 'reccomended by dentists' but this in no way means use it instead fo brushing your teeth! Oral hygene is so important to live a healthy and enjoyable life and the cost of havning work done is mega.

    Chewing gum, whilst you are chewing, replicates the act of breaking up food and so your stomach prepares acid to break down the food. If you then, instead of swallowing food, throw away your chewing gum, lots of acid remains in your stomach which can cause damage to your oesophagus.

    Chewing gum looks disgusting and not sophisticated when chewing it, although people can think it maked them look 'cool'... Its really doesnt! It just makes it look like you have bad dental hygene and your masking your smelly breath.

    Chewing gum does not biodegrade. When spat out on the street, it only makes it look more polluted! Lets be honest, nobody wants to step on saliva-filled gum which belongs to a complete stranger.

  • Stop masticating please

    Go and masticate on your own you dirty people. It is costing so much to keep cleaning up after the vermin here in the UK. Clearly they can't be trusted to throw it in the bin so stop being able to but it makes perfect sense. I have stepped in it in the hot weather and its disgusting. Also lets ban dog crap too whilst we are at it by banning the domestication of dogs.

  • Good Health Benefits

    It helps bad breath gone and removes food particles from the side of your teeth and it will stop cavities. Some gum had flouride that helps to strengthen your teeth and the enamel which is good. Another thing it will make you alert and alive throughout the day and it gives you more ideas, because ideas comes to your mind and that is your brain is working properly.

  • It helps focus

    One point is that pepper mint gum helps study better. I will elaborate on that point. Most gum is peppermint or mint. And as scientist have proven, that gum helps you study better and helps you focus more on what you are doing. For example, even my teacher Mrs. Sedro knows that theory and let’s us have mints or mint flavoured gum during important tests like the map test. That’s why I get really good scores on my tests except for when I am lazy and tired and make careless mistakes.

  • Chew on this!

    Bubble gum helps with your mind and keeps you focused. It helps strengthen teeth and whiten them. 3% of students who chewed gum got a higher score on their test! Not enough? It helps with anxiety and stress! It helps kids focus better! So chew on this? Ban or no?

  • Chewing Gum Should NOT be Banned, Here's Why:

    First of all, chewing gum is NOT good for your teeth, only 2% of chewing gums are. However, it can help fight bad breath, and is a fun type of "snack" to children. Even though people are spitting it on the streets, there is no reason why the government can't enforce their laws more strictly.

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  • There's Science to it.

    Schools have banned gum for over 22 years but some recent studies suggest that gum may help in school. Has the time come to ban this archaic rule? Craig Johnston’s studies have shown improvements in math homework, classwork, and tests. When students are stressed during tests, gum can help students relieve that stress and help with recalling material. Chewing gum can also help students during an audio memory task. Students should be allowed to chew gum in school.
    Craig Johnston works at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. He lead a study to see if 13-16 year old students that chewed gum in math class, during math homework and while taking math tests had better test scores than students that didn’t chew gum. After 14 weeks of chewing gum, students had a 3% increase in the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test and had higher overall grades in math class compared to students that did not chew gum. Craig Johnston stated that students who chewed gum required fewer breaks, paid better attention and stayed quiet longer than those who did not.
    There is another study of gum that may help students score higher on tests. Reacherers form St. Lawrence University divided test subjects into three groups; no gum, gum before the test for 5 minutes, and gum before and during the test. Then the researchers gave the students some tests to see the performance. When they analyzed the data, they found that the group that chewed gum before the test had the best results. The researchers found that the gum helped improve their test scores 25% to 50% in comparison to the other groups. It was found that the gum was most effective in the 20 minutes following the chewing.
    Cardiff University did a study focused on the benefits of chewing gum during an audio memory task. They found that chewing gum does help. There were two groups that each had 19 people. The first group chewed gum and did really well on the audio memory task of figuring out when a sequence of odd-even-odd number compared to the group that didn’t chew gum. The participants were scored on accuracy and reaction time. The university found that the group that didn’t chew gum did well at the start but was overtaken by the gum chewing group. In this study gum has proven great for audio tasks.
    In conclusion, gum has proved that it will help students and may help relieve stress. Student may be much happier if they could get higher grades on test and in math. In America, the average test score pretty good, but why not get better? It is the time to get better test scores and help student with their grades. With all this research, is it time to end this rule and make gum allowed?

  • You can't ban candy because people litter

    The whole argument supporting banning gum is that the litter is a nuisance. By that logic, we should ban anything that people throw on the ground. Are you suggesting that we ban candy because people throw their wrappers on the ground, and we ban milk because their containers can also end up as litter? That makes no sense. The chewing gum is not the problem, the littering is. If you have a reason why the gum itself should be banned, fire, but otherwise, it does not pertain to the actual question. The chewing gum is the issue here, not the littering.

  • Chewing Gum Should NOT be Banned, Here's Why:

    First of all, chewing gum is NOT good for your teeth, only 2% of chewing gums are. However, it can help fight bad breath, and is a fun type of "snack" to children. Even though people are spitting it on the streets, there is no reason why the government can't enforce their laws more strictly. Instead of banning it, the government should at least first make an attempt to help "clean up" the behavior of littering gum all over the streets. So, in conclusion, chewing gum IS a deadly factor to our environment, but it should NOT be banned before attempts are made to help clean up the cons of gum.

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