Should Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke be found guilty in the murder of Laquan McDonald?

  • Yes, I believe that Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke should be found guilty in the murder of Laquan McDonald.

    Yes, I believe that Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke should be found guilty in the murder of Laquan McDonald. As the recently released police video of the event exposes, Laquan was shot sixteen times by Officer Van Dyke. This is excessive and unwarranted force, especially since it has come to light that MacDonald was armed only with a small knife and was not approaching Van Dyke with it when the officer started shooting.

  • It is not open season on Americans when you have a badge

    The fact that this police officer rode up to the scene and in an amount of only seconds opens fire and shoots this young man sixteen times without full assessment of the situation, is abysmal. There was time to deescalate the situation by using a taser or baton if the opportunity presented itself. The young man did not charge at anyone and based on the video he was headed away from them, so there was no need to shoot him down so viciously. Several of the shots were through his back when he was on the ground and the threat was eliminated. It was beyond overkill. This officer violated his civil rights by escalating the situation to an execution.

  • Yes, excessive force was used on an incapicatated person.

    Yes, I believe that Officer Van Dyke committed murder by shooting McDonald sixteen times. The video from his car showed that McDonald was on the ground as Officer Van Dyke continued to shoot him. The officer's life was not in danger and excessive force was not warranted. I believe that his department's unwillingness to release the video, proves that his fellow officers also believed that what Office Van Dyke did was unnecessary and wrong.

  • Absolutely...You won't get an argument out of me

    There is no reason you shoot someone 16 times (14 while on the ground) when A) they aren't anywhere near you, and walking away from you, B) aren't armed and C) not an immediate threat to anyone else. I don't care who you are, you NEVER shoot someone when they are down, EVER! On top of that, he wrote a false police report to try and cover it up. He said he "feared for his life" and LaQuan "lunged at him." Clearly that didn't happen and he's just using the "feared for his life" defense as a kind of automatic response whenever a cop kills an unarmed civilian. This former officer is a monster, murderer, horrible cop and deserves nothing more then to spend the rest of his ugly life in prison with no chance of ever getting out. That's right, if I were the prosecutor, I'd try for consecutive life sentences. No way this man walks. Not after that egregious video was released

  • Justice for Laquan McDonald

    Jason Vandyke should be charged with 1st degree murder. Just can't phanthom thought of him, Claiming he was in imminent danger to unload a 16 shot clip into the individual. He could have used a taser or shot the young man in the leg, Which they could have apprehend him. He took matters in his own hands and thought he would get away with it. Send him straight to prision. Then JUSTICE will be served. No cop is above the law!

  • Yes he's guilty

    The video is the whole case. I never say McDonald come close 2 Van Dyke what I saw was a person walking away from Van Dyke. Van Dyke anger got in the way of his job. Van Dyke's has put a stain on the badge. Van Dyke was the real monster.

  • Shoot His Leg

    don't police supposed to be trained in how to aim and shoot there weapon? I know if i got shot in the leg i would be goin down and im not going nowhere. The Long Ranger could shoot a gun out of a outlaw and not even put a scratch on the guys hand and now hes not a threat anymore.

  • Murder for sure

    From the video Laquan did not appear to pose any threat to the officer and was walking away from him. Jason should have waited for a taser to arrive and attempted to calm the situation before firing 16 times. I find it hard to believe he posed an actual threat since no other officers fired. Its a shame nobody went and checked on Laquan after he was shot.

  • Absolutely it’s murder

    This idea that because cops “ fear for themselves “ is a right to shoot someone even once, Let alone 16 TIMES is crazy. I live in Canada, Very rarely do cops here ever have to shoot anyone, And when they do use deadly force there is hell to pay. Van Dyke arrives on scene and starts shooting immediately, He already had it in his mind he was going to shoot him, As described by today’s testimony.

  • No crime was committed by Laquan McDonald

    If a police officer unnecessarily shoots someone who hasn't committed any crime, They should be treated just the same as any other murderer would. Just because someone is a police officer doesn't mean they get to shoot unarmed people unjustly, No matter what the color of anyone's skin may be.

  • No motive for murder.

    Everything has three things. Motive, means, and opportunity. Clearly the officer had is gun and was at the scene so he did have means and opportunity but what was his motive to shooting McDonald? According to Van Dyke, McDonald was armed so posed a threat to his or other officers lives. Fact is, he was armed and refused to drop the knife. They even had to kick the knife out of his hand after being shot and that too is part of the video. Also, what is known, is that McDonald used the knife on police vehicles so would likely be aggressive towards officers with the knife given the chance. Another thing that is known is that McDonald had PCP in his system. I have seen videos of other people on PCP and it shows that they not only can be overly violent but have a very high pain tolerance. Combine that with having a weapon and you have all the ingredients of a suspect who would put an officers life at risk. If that was the officers motive, then I can't see him being guilty of murder. What other motives could there be? Let me guess, race? He had been a police officer for 14 years, so this is not the first time he had the means or opportunity to shoot a black person so that can't be it.
    Seeing that there was no motive for murder, how can we charge him with it.

  • Somebody on that jury better hold out,

    If there's any justice in this world. PLEASE please PLEASE have one of these jurors hold out for this guy! I know the majority want to see Van Dykes head on a stake. . Only problem its not fair. How can you punish a guy for doing his job. Yes he got carried away but there was no intent. Just a guy doing his job the best way he knows how

  • Way to go Van Dyke!

    Job well done. . Just another thug off the streets. McDonald was destined to be a complete menace to society. The only thing I wonder is how many future lives may have saved. . How many fatherless child will not be born into this world. . How many women will not be beaten. . Ect ect because of the sacrifice made by Van Dyke.

  • Van Dyke is a HERO!

    Van Dyke shot a criminal running down the street with a knife PERIOD! Seems like a valid response to me! ? What exactly was he supposed to do. . Walk over to the guy and put a warm blanket around him? I'd love to see how these blowhards, Who think he's guilty, Would react put in a similar situation! More than likely they'd run away. . The only thing is, Cops can't run away, It's their crappie job to deal with difficult situations just like this one. That's why this man, Van Dyke should be hailed as the hero he is. And when he is found innocent the city should throw him a ticker tape parade for his troubles.

  • Cops don't mess around

    I do believe Van Dyke's use of force was excessive, But it is impossible to say how any one person would react put in a similar situation. A cops job is to protect the public, Their fellow officers, And themselves. Van Dyke just reacted the best way he knew how given the terrible circumstances he was put in. . I'm sure he didn't start his day with the thought of killing someone. Unfortunately for him and McDonald, Things worked out the way they did. . Bottom line, Walking down the middle of a busy street swinging around a knife will more than likely lead to something bad happening!

  • Training is the problem, Not the officers.

    Training is the problem, Not the police. Placing this man on trial for murder for simply doing his job is ludicrous. Jason Van Dyke had the authority to shoot and did so based on his training as a police officer. The scenario, While tragic, Could have been adverted if McDonald would have simply dropped the knife. To make someone an example where the assailant was on PCP and acting out is just ridiculous. Why not make an example of the officers who kill disabled people, Or unarmed suspects? The problem is not Van Dyke, But a broken system. Advocate for reforms and better training instead of forming an opinion based solely around false outrage.

  • Justified in using deadly force

    Not guilty of 1st degree murder and aggravated battery. He stopped Mr. McDonald from entering the Burger King and Dunkin Donuts where he could of harmed several patrons. The officer with the tazer was at least 4 minutes out, Not right down the street. The forensic pathologist testified he was shot in chest not in the back. This shows you the he was facing the officers when he was shot. He should not be on trial he should of got a commendation for stopping this out of control subject. He protected people from harm that evening, That’s his job!

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