Should chickens thicken or should thickens chicken?

Asked by: welcometolife
  • Chickens shal thicken

    I am a doctor in thickening chickens and the chickens thickening. The chickens must thicken so they can delete the thickening chickens in the upcoming thick off. This is the event where the two thick chickens will come together to thick in groups to try and beat the opposing thick chickens and if the thickens chicken win they will wreak havoc on the world. And if the chicken thickens win they will restore communism to the proper state on the world.

  • Chickens must thickens

    This is the philosophy. That chickens must thickens has made most sense grammatically and in context. However, Should chickens really be thickens? Maybe the thickens should become more chickens so they will stop thickening. How deep can you take this debate cause it is my life's work to find out whether or not a chicken should thicken.

  • The thought that chickens should thicken is absurd and utter blasphemy.

    Thickens on the other hand should chicken, As you can see i transcribed it here: L: Take=you. It is ancient knowledge from the days of the romans that a chicken that has thickened is to be crucified, Where a thicken that has chickened is to be praised and moved to the high rank of consul. We should follow this ancient philospohy to a dime, Otherwise why follow other ancient philosphies such as "murder is bad".

  • If Chickens Could Thicken, It Would Jeopardize All Life On God's Green Earth

    In no way can chickens thicken. If they could, They would destroy humanity as we know it. They would eat all our food, Poop on our roads, And fly into our windows even more than they do now. Imagine a thick chicken, Its horrible. I am crying right now at the thought of it. If they thickened, They would create their own nukes but not have the intellect to decide not to deploy them. We would die because of these thick-as-fudge chickens.

  • The Chickens Thicken is part of the Russian mafia

    When I was a young lad, My family and I had a flock of thickens chicken in our backyard. One day a chickens thicken rolled up by our house in a Bugatti and pulled out a glock and popped all my thickens chicken in the head. To this day I haven't forgiven them.

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anc2006 says2019-12-05T03:10:31.887
How can thickens chicken?

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