• Yes it should be banned world wide

    It's a dream for older men who have an attraction for young kids it is disturbing and the horrid things pageant moms would do to win is improper I mean having Spray tan? The kids who compete
    in these pageants mainly girls dress inappropriate for their age and wear too much makeup! They should just be kids! And pageant moms are only having their children dress and look like mini hookers!

  • Insecure moms need help

    You are only young and innocent once, why rob them of their childhood. Children do not need make up, fake tans and fancy clothes made for a woman to wear to be beautiful. Not to mention the horrible chemicals you are exposing their developing bodies too. Most people protect their children. Think of the message you are sending to your child. To be beautiful you must wear layers ans layers of make up, fake tan and cheap looking clothes. Parade around to get acceptance because you are not OK , the way you are... Wake up!!!
    Their moms must be so insecure.

  • Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned

    Yes, child beauty pageants should be banned for multiple reasons. First, such pageants teach children that physical beauty matters above all other things. Second, such pageants serve to sexualize children. Needless to say, both of these things are incredibly terrible. For these reasons, child beauty pageants should most definitely be banned.

  • Child beauty pageants should be banned.

    Child beauty pageants should be banned. Most of the children that we see in these pageants do not want to be there. Most parents are forcing their children to be on that stage and given harsh consequences when they do not comply. I think if a child whats to do it then they should but not if it is just for the parents.

  • They should be banned

    They should be banned because they make these little girls look like dolls and it is unruling i think that this is wrong in every way. I can see teens and adults doing this, but children, think do you want people to remember you little girl as a pageant star, life size seriamic doll or a regular child you love

  • Derogatory impacts distort values

    Due to the derogatory impacts they place on participants. These harmful implications include early sexualization and inadequate self-image, leading to the epidemic of anorexia and depression linked to suicidal or self-harming thoughts. In order to prevent these dangerous repercussions, early childhood beauty pageants must be outlawed until a child reaches appropriate, mature age.

  • Little Exposed Brats

    These Girls Dress Up Like Cheap Hookers Too Show They Are Beautiful Thinking They Can Win Over Their Mother's And They World's Affection.But Also Thinking Dressing Up Nice And Putting On A Smile Will Get You Places And Life And Money But It Will Only Make Them A Cheap Hooker

  • Absolutely yes to the ban:

    I want to reinforce all of the arguments above. I think that people who put their children through pageantry seriously need to reflect on the dangers to their children's safety, body image and psychological wellbeing. I think that encouraging children to dress up as fully developed, sexually mature woman do, for "fun" or in order to gain "confidence", is child abuse. Mud pies are fun. Exercise creates confidence. My daughter gets told every day that she is beautiful and gets rewarded for learning, for being kind and helpful. She gets told everyday that she must love herself. She is an extremely confident, happy and clever little girl as a result. I think that parents who put pressure on their children to value vanity and self image are setting their children up for a fall in life and have seriously missed the importance of having a childhood.

    Posted by: K.B
  • Yes! It should

    Children could be worried about their self esteem and participating just makes it worse for the child and could mess up the life and might even commit suicide so obviously it should be banned. I would understand for adults and teens but kid? No no no they are too young.

  • Needs to be banned

    Poor children they are made to serve as sex slaves so yes old pedos can watch them in their explicit outfits with spray tans and makeup it needs to be band immediately poor children being forced by their mothers who cant support themselves they should go and get a job and earn money themselves other than relying on their children to do it for them.

  • No! Beauty pageants should not be banned!

    We have all seen the show toddlers and tiaras but that show is over exaggerated. All of the kids you see are just brats. It has nothing to do with the competition itself. You see the parents freaking out over their kid not winning because they have entered so many times, they get more and more competitive each time. If we have age limits for certain pageants then we can make sure kids won't get too competitive. Also, if we have limit of how many pageants you are allowed to do in a certain period of time, then kids and parents won't get too competitive.

  • No, they are fun.

    No, child beauty pageants should not be banned, because they are fun for kids. Most kids enjoy getting dressed up, being told they look pretty, and being given a trophy for their efforts. It is a good way to teach children confidence and enthusiasm. There is no reason to ban the practice. Abuses should be monitored, however.

  • Child Beauty Pageants Okay

    In reality, child beauty pageants are okay and aren't that harmful to most children. Some children can even find themselves empowered by participation in these events. With that in mind, beauty pageants need to be handled carefully by parents because they aren't the bes toption for every child in the world.

  • They should not be looked at sexually.

    When it comes to child beauty pageants, I don't think the average person looks at them in any kind of sexual way, but more-so of the "look how cute she looks" and that's more or less how the winner of the beauty pageant is determined. Which young girl is the cutest.

  • No beauty pagents could be fun

    Beauty pagents for children could be a fun and uplifting experience so they should not be banned. They should be changed in aspects of what is involved in the pageant and the parent involvement in the pageants. If they are kept fun and educational I am all for beauty pagents for children.

  • Please bann them

    A child should be enjoying life not posing infront of a judge. Children are sweet and cute in their own special way. Every child deserves a child hood thats the true beauty of a child. Not some numbers on a peace of sheet paper.
    Ghussun wrote this/ hi miss jones

  • Funds for the future

    Some people enter beauty pageants for the money because they can't afford college or a school they really want to go to. By doing this they can go to the best school for them, as they enter in a fun competition with other people your age who maybe going through the same situation as you.

  • They are to young for this

    They look way to old for how old they really are. Fake spray tan? What the heck? Also they wear really inappropriate outfits like bikinis and crud. This seems to be pretty inappropriate for children this young. I think they should still participate but they shouldn't be wear a lot of makeup and what not.

  • Go Beauty Pageants

    Beauty pageants can help the environment people in need and the contestant. Miss.America of 2001 helped teach kids charter at schools in the U.S. It can help the contestant by supporting his/her courage. Courage is a big support in pageants and the farther you go the more courage you have. That is why we should keep pageants around.

  • Confidence for the future

    Children need confidence for the future, and if we don't sustain it for them now, then they'll be very quite and will always be blackening down in the future. Also, kids like being told they look nice, pretty, beautiful, etc. What are you supposed to say to them? NO YOU'RE AN UGLY LITTLE GIRL WITH A FAKE FACE! Of course not! If anyone says that beauty pageants look like a disgrace, ask if they would like to be kind, caring and polite to kids who want to be noticed. We should also ban other things first. Smoking causes of 445 000 deaths a year, and I'm pretty sure that putting some make-up on a little kid won't kill 445 000 people!

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