• Yes, There should be some child free restaurants

    Why can't there be both? I would love to go and have lunch or dinner child free but equally I don't want to spoil families enjoying a good meal together. If you want your restaurant to be child free, Wonderful and you shouldn't get any grief for it. But have family ones too so you can choose which you want to go to.

  • Ouiet Zone Resturants

    When we go out to a nice Resturant, we will leave if there are LOUD kids, if we can’t be in a quiet area. I would even pay extra for a kid free area, Just like I the old days when you had the choice of Smoking or non smoking. If people can not control there kids they should not be there to disrupt others who are paying for there meals!

  • Child free restaurants. YES!

    My husband and I are parents to grown children. And we would like to go out and eat in peace. I love children, work with them every day. But come the weekend when we go out I do not want to hear children screaming and crying. We pay alot for a nice dinner and would like to enjoy it IN PEACE.

  • Yes, among other things that need to have child-free stuff.

    If any restaurant that wants to do it more power to them. I see no issue if it. I'd be more happy if other places started doing it too. That being said, if they want a middle ground. I'd say child-free time, like make a cut-off time like 6:30 and no more children are allowed to eat there. I shouldn't have to put up with you demon spawn, because you don't want to do anything about.

    Kicking out adults is easy and no one bats an eye. Kicking out a crying kid, people do applause (but at the same time can get a bad rep). We already paying a lot, so why can't everyone else enjoy a nice and quiet relaxing time without having any demon spawn ruining it for us.

    Now if only they could make child-free flights.

  • Child Free restaurants required

    Restaurants that are child-free are lovely places for adults to eat, have adult conversations and consume adult beverages. Children belong with their families in family restaurants until they are no longer children and able to comport themselves appropriately in an adult environment. I absolutely support the need for adult-only restaurants.

  • We all deserve a choice!!

    I'm working as an assistant manager in a family-kids friendly restaurant and it is amazing to see the faces of others when a child starts running around, screaming and crying their lungs out! It is true, it's not the kid's fault obviously, it's the parents having no idea how to be parents. Anyways, the point is that as far as I can see every day at work, having a child free restaurant/coffee shop to go to may a be of the likes of more people than we thought...I may give it a go and open one myself 🤞

  • Give people choice

    It doesn't have to be all one way. Some restaurants should allow kids and some shouldn't. That way people have a choice as to which environment they want to eat in. Those of us that support banning kids just want a few places to go that are peaceful. Those that argue that kids should be alllowed everywhere are saying that we should never be able to escape from their kids.

  • Yes, everyone has the right to a quiet enjoyable dining experience

    We don't allow grown adults to behave badly in public places, and when I was a kid I was expected to conduct myself appropriately. When I was a baby and a toddler, I was not taken out to eat several times a week because my parents had enough consideration to know it would be disruptive to other diners. Aside from the nuisance, children are a huge liability and strollers are a safety issue. I see mothers bring their strollers into crowded, cramped cafes blocking aisleways and emergency exits. Stay at home and cook your own meals or get delivery or takeout. You decided to have a kid, not the world around you.

  • Yes, we should be able to eat at a restaurant in peace if we choose to.

    There's nothing worse when eating at a restaurant than having to hear/tolerate somebody's child screaming their lungs out when you're trying to have a conversation or eat in peace, or being ran into by a child running around the restaurant like its a NASCAR race. Or when you're sitting in a booth and a kid is staring at you from behind the booth across from you, it's cute at first but it quickly becomes really creepy. Yeah kids will be kids but there's a limit to that. If you tolerate you child's bad behavior at home that's one thing, but don't make everybody else have to suffer from it. We should have the right to a peaceful and orderly meal environment, not all restaurants should be child-free some should be and restaurants should have the right to be child-free if they wish to be. It would financially benefit restaurants to be child-free as people would be more likely to come back again in a peaceful environment whereas a restaurant with misbehaved and loud children would likely deter customers. So because of the fact that many people can't keep their children reasonably behaved in public, there should be child-free restaurants available.

  • I've worked in restraunts since I was 16.

    I've worked in restraunts since I was 16 as a server and cook and I can't tell how many times I could hear a child screaming bloody murder. As a cook I could always hear a child screaming and the parents not doing anything and even see them throw their food on the ground since they "didn't like it" and I would have to always leave my area and clean it up. While as a server there has been numerous times a child has touched me and grabbed me while laughing and the parents don't do a single thing but laugh while I'm trying to not drop their food. So yes for love of all that is holy ban children so everyone including the workers can enjoy their time without any worry.

  • Banning kids from restaurants would set a dangerous precedent allowing discrimination on parts of the public based solely on age.

    People, wake up! Black people in America were banned in certain restaurants not to long ago. Discrimination based on sex, AGE, race or sexual preference is against the law. You can't ban someone from a public restaurant because they are 2 years old instead of 22. People ought to be reminded in restaurants that children exist because they are the future and they should be accepted, not rejected, while breaking bread.

  • They should not

    Parents need relaxation and alone time. Kids can be distracting and cause people to stare. Kids, especially little ones, might not behave themselves they might not be patient or some restaurants don't supply coloring pads so kids will get board. Adult only restaurants sell food kids wouldn't like. They also sell alcohol.

  • No need for banning kids

    I believe there's no need for banning kids from restaurants to get peace, romance and relaxation for dinner. In italian very expensive restaurants, children are generally self-banned by the families. They don't want them around, or in alternative they are kept quite and polite, or taken away if needed, by baby sitters. Generally parents are aware it is quite impossible to have a toddler being happy, sitting and silent for more then a while, so they don't bring them themselves to pretty restaurants! The problem, I believe starts when you don't have anyone caring for your child while you enjoy dinner. Since it's difficult nowdays to have grandparents, aunts and family members around, and maybe you rather prefert to have your child near you insted of having him/her home with a sitter, a good solution is what many restaurants already do: restaurant baby sitting, with baby meals, in a close area where kids can be seen by parents, but don't disturb and enjoy themselves. Romantic elegant dinners can be extremely boring and meaningless for babies and kids!

  • Adults can be just as bad

    Between many bad rights adults have. . . . . . This one is terrible! Adults can scream, Shout, Be annoying, Poke on people, Be rude, And not use their manners but they are banning kids! ? Rude! Also everyone can have the privlage to eat at a restaurant! These people are so rude to kids. . . They were once a kid

  • As the above comment states, everyone has the right to eat delicious food at a great restaurant!

    Time and time again, restaurants have been banning children and babies, for the excuse of a 'quiet atmosphere'. I understand that toddlers and children should not be running wild, but I do not believe in banning people under 7, let alone any youth. Not all kids are that restless in a restaurant. If family-friendly restaurants cease to exist, then the world of restaurants would change for the worse.

  • No, kids have rights too!!!!

    Kids. Have. Rights. Toooooo!!!!!!! Also, kids can behave themselves, and kids stay home from some restraunts anyways, so most elegant, refined restraunts are kid free, anyhow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Usually.

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