• Yes please daddy

    I've been working for adults for 10 years now and I started at the age of 4. My bosses used to like me because when I was being punished I would say "SPANK ME DADDY! PLEASE MORE, MORE! Okay you can stop now that i have finished. " My bosses were very disappointed when I told them I had to quit because I was moving. I loved working as a child even though I got the tip of my penis crushed off by some of the machinery. The pain was excruciating and somehow pleasuring at the same time. I never regret starting working at the age of 4. I learnt many things when working as a child eg. Your penis does not grow back. Even though my penis will only ever 4 inches at max I still loved the experience. I mean like I tried to sew it back on but like the pieces were everywhere and I was already losing a lot of blood, But anyway this is why I think child labor should be allowed.

  • We want kids

    Ooking up child labor and i was on images there was a boy siting in a box making shoe and others were watching if you like close it seemed he was crying holding back he tears it was sad, Plus we can be that we can have child laber its fun

  • Gobb Gobbus Gorbis

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  • Children already choose to slave away for no pay

    My argument is based upon two central facts: Time and the fact that volunteer work is slave labor.
    Why should we prevent children from taking a summer job? It not only prevents the need for a daycare, but it provides children with valuable job experience. Most summer jobs hire 16 or over. Why should we deny children a job if it doesn't interfere with their education? A Major argument against child labor is the destruction of a childhood. By children having money to spend on whatever toys they want, wouldn't it preserve their innocence?
    The second point is volunteer work. No matter what way volunteer work is put into light, it is still slave labor. Children can choose to work without pay, yet cannot choose to work for pay. Child labor laws exist to ensure children will not be exploited, yet volunteer work is the definition of exploitation. It is illogical to ban child labor and keep child "volunteer" slave labor. Furthermore, having actual job experience is more valuable than having volunteer "work" experience. Companies are more likely to hire if the applicants know what it is like to be in a work environment. By providing children of this opportunity, it allows our future generations to gain the upper hand.

  • Let them earn their own keep

    Children should earn their own keep and contribute to the family economics. Why should they geta fer rise? What is that teaching them, anyway? That they can live their lives on the financial coast trails of others? They needed to learn at an early age that that is not ok.

  • I think absolutely.

    Children should have to work. First of all, they need to learn how to be responsible. Instead of giving them chores, babysitting, whatever, they should have to learn it the hard way. They also need to learn skills for adulthood that would help them. Secondly, they need to support their families in times of need. When money is tight, children need to work to help their parents pay for things they would need. They need to work so they can earn the things they need like education.

  • Boy in a box

    I was looking up child labor and i was on images there was a boy siting in a box making shoe and others were watching if you like close it seemed he was crying holding back he tears it was sad,plus we can be that we can have child laber

  • Why child labour should not be allowed

    Child labour is like sitting on a chair and convincing people that you are just trying to strengthen it. It's like knowing that it might break if u sit on it for too long but u sit on . It for even longer. This might not make a lot of sense but at least it does to me. What Im trying to say is that child slavery and child labour are not helping this world yet only haring it. We say we want to make the world a better place when we are still killing it's children. How is this supposed to be a better place if there is no one to make it that. These children are the future generations which might make them better than all of us and therefore they should be treated the best or at least fairly.

  • Child Labor Shouldn't Be Allowed

    Child labor is hurting kids mental and physical health. Kids have died just because they are trying to work extra hours to earn a bit more money. Imagine your kid working all day and all night just to get a bit more money and ends up killed... Nobody would like that so child labor should be very ILLEGAL

  • Children are the future

    Children are the most vulnerable members of society, therefore no harm should come to them. If children were to be employed they will defiantly be mistreated because the may be assigned into unsafe or unhygienic situations that will defiantly risk their well being. In addition children will be paid much less than adult employees and are expected to work as hard as the other workers; which leads to why the law is in their favor and protects them from such horrific disasters .

  • Child labour can have a large effect in the child health.

    Many times when children are working, the conditions are awful and filthy. This can cause the child to catch a terrible disease. Next, the children barley get anything to eat or drink. Since they are working most of the day, their owners don’t give them much food which can also lead the child to have health problems like an eating disorder. Lastly, most children work with hazardous machines which have unhealthy conditions and it can be very dangerous that can result the child to become ill or it can even cause the child’s death. About 22,000 children died at work.

  • Child labor is unhumane.

    America experimented with child labor in the past and it was
    a disaster. Children were exploited in
    numerous ways. The problem with child
    labor is that children are too young and vulnerable to defend themselves. It is very easy for unscrupulous employers to
    take advantage of children in order to increase a company’s profits.

  • Children need to be children.

    Child labor is childhood destroying. In our First World society, children have a duty to go to school and educate themselves to become productive citizens. They are protected from working by law in order to keep unethical businesses from exploiting them, and so that they can experience the joys of childhood. They will have the rest of their lives as adults to work, let's not rush that.

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