• Of course, POSSESSION of CP is the only thing being decriminalized here, NOT the production or distribution of it.

    Production and distribution would obviously remain illegal, but the act of possessing CP is harmless, since the damage has already been done. Hopefully more people can get past their hindering emotions and see that it makes sense to decriminalize this. There is no good reason anyone should have to have their life ruined just because they view CP, whether it was purposefully viewed or not.

  • It's sick and disgusting, but that doesn't mean it should be illegal.

    I, like the majority of people, believe child porn is disgusting, and not something I would ever want to see. But lots of things are, and none of those are illegal, at least not in the US. Now don't get me wrong, the actual PRODUCTION of child porn should remain illegal, unless of course they aren't real children. In fact, that's covered under other laws, like the ones that prohibit child abuse. These laws also lead to innocent people being arrested. For instance, if someone under the age of consent takes an explicit photo of him- or herself, that's illegal. Even though no abuse was involved. And what if someone buys a secondhand computer that was previously owned by a pedophile who didn't wipe the hard drive? If there was any CP on it, that could lead to a wrongful arrest as well.

    Once again, child pornography is sick and disgusting, and anyone who enjoys it is sick and twisted as well, but if they're just looking at it without actually abusing anyone, they aren't doing any harm, and therefore shouldn't be considered criminals.

  • Yes. Crimes should have a victim and damages.

    Child pornography is by definition a victimless crime, and all victimless crimes should be decriminalized. When someone views or possesses an image of any kind, nobody is harmed or even affected. There are videos of people being murdered and raped, and while they may be disturbing and immoral, there is no mystical tie between the video and the victim in the video that causes them harm every time someone watches the video.

    Additionally, studies have been made tying the decriminalization of child pornography with a reducing in the number of cases of child abuse. When child pornography is available to people, it prevents many would-be child predators from acting on their sexual inclinations.

    And since possessing/viewing child pornography is illegal, it actually prevents vigilant people from reporting it to the authorities for fear of being punished themselves, and there numerous stories of people having their computers seized and/or children taken away after reporting to the authorities. This fear and overreaction to victimless crimes only serves to keep child pornography underground, hidden in a black market. This means the child abusers creating the content have less public exposure and are less likely to be caught. So keeping it criminalized actually helps them remain unknown.

  • Thought Crimes and freedom of speech

    First of all there are varying degrees to CP. By blanket disapproval of all forms we are putting innocent people in danger of crimes where there are no victims

    To illustrate this point, several West European photograph youth in sexual provocative poses, often in the nude. By making this behaviour illegal, what would happen to parents of the photograph their children nude? By the extension of that law, we are putting them in danger.

    Further, we do not have enough studies or data to suggest that the possession of such material will cause people to misbehave. This is very similar to people's concerns in the yester year that pyrography damages people and would increase rape. We know this to be patently false considering that rape is on the decline and the adult movie industry is continually expanding.

    Let's keep an open mind and seek ways to help these people rather tossing them in prison and tossing the key.

  • No harm done, no one's perfect

    As distasteful as it may be or seem, cp is a fact of life. And the more most of us try to stop it the worse it gets. The same goes for the "The War On Drugs". Once you make something illegal it basically creates a market for it; either from curiosity or because you're not supposed to do it. The price goes up, many people get jailed, lots of money is made and nothing comes out of it. I'm confident that if CP was decriminalized, it would probably allow human nature to take a different outlook on the matter. At this very moment there are people (including kids) being killed in useless wars. Well over 100,000 citizens in the Iraq war alone. We are obviously not perfect and I really don't think we have the capacity to know what that is yet. Maybe human evolution depends on our certain "bad habits" to survive or whatever...That's another story, but Fact is, we don't know. One thing I know for sure is that I'd rather see someone be a little naughty and enjoy themselves without being portrayed as an animal rather than a bunch of war hungry murderers having people be killed for no REAL purpose, from fabrications and lies. I'm confident that to decriminalize CP will reduce the temptation for the forbidden and create something more natural and balanced.

  • This is modern day, the internet is not going to go away, and neither is the content within it.

    I do strongly believe it should be decriminalized! To my shock and disbelief, a few years ago a very close friend of mine was arrested for possessing indecent images, a few days later he took his own life, which had provoked me into giving this subject more thought.
    If they suddenly criminalize homosexuality for example, are all gay people going to turn straight? The same applies for pedophiles, which some have a sexual interest in adults and children, for others their sexual interest is with only children, and thats not going to change to reflect any change in the law, legal or illegal.

  • Without question, no.

    There is never an instance in which child pornography should be legal. Children are not legally able to consent to do this, and that alone should make it illegal. Only pornography including people over the age of 18 (legally consenting adults) should ever be legal. Hopefully this issue will never even be considered.

  • No, it shouldn't

    Child pornography is wrong and should remain a criminal offense. However, things like drawings are not necessarily bad, as they do not hurt children and provide another, much safer outlet for the people interested in that kind of thing. Child pornography when it involves actual children should most definitely be banned, though.

  • Absolutley Not

    Decriminalizing child pornography would be very immoral. The day that happens is the day that there is no hope for this country. Decriminalizing child pornography would be saying that it is OK to be a pedophile. The consequences of this happening are tremendous and have so many more negatives attached to it than positives.

  • I am opposed to child pornography being decriminalized

    I oppose the viewing of child pornography being decriminalized. It is not a victimless crime. Children cannot legally consent to sex. They are not adults and need safe-guarding. Decriminalizing this sends a powerful message to people who partake in this voyourism that it is perfectly fine to view children as sexual objects and that hurting children sexually and emotionally is okay. These people need to be educated in the damaging effects that child sexual abuse has on its victims and I am not okay with sending out the message that its okay to view children as sexual objects for the gratification and profit of adults.

  • Although I grasp what those in the other column are trying to say, No Effing Way.

    There is no way on this earth that child pornography should ever be de-criminalized. How can the one guy say it is a victimless crime? That is like saying that owning Cocaine is a victimless crime. No, the entire structure that brought you the product (child porn/cocaine whatever) creates victims. Child-porn is an industry that creates human trafficking and ruin's children's lives. As for the person who said their friend killed themselves after being caught with child porn, good. That is one less disgusting person who exploits children on this planet. If it is a disease, deal with your burden, not indulge it. There are people who have addictive personalities that avoid ever trying alcohol because they know it is a slippery slope. If you know that your predilection is towards children, accept it is an illness, and get help.

  • Never, Ever.

    Child pornography should never, ever be decriminalized. In fact, convictions of child pornography need to carry stricter laws; stricter legislation needs to be in place in order to halt the dissemination of child pornography. If it were CEO's being exploited, it would be a thing of the past. But innocent children...where's the political capital in that? A country that does not do enough to protect its children is shameful.

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