Should Child pornography be legal to sell and buy?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Let' legalize the child porn like gun!

    There are many pedophile and wealth man who likes child porn. If we legalize those porn, we can earn more money.
    By legalizing child porn, kids more careful about drugs and sex abuse. And porn is as equal as gun. So we make limit and increase education about sex like gun camp.

  • Maybe production and distribution of this material should remain illegal but not possession and buying

    I believe those who produce and distribute child porn should be severely punish. But i don't think we should punish anyone who just download or viewed child porn on internet. No law enforcement should interfere with someone privacy.Unless that person intentionally cause harm to others. But those who download and buy it does not hurt children it's the producer and the distributer who should be punished. Also i don't believe people who consuming this material are more likely to commit offense in real life. Let them watch it, it's a good way to inhibit their sexual desire.

  • It takes children to make child porn.

    Buying it or even supporting it with your clicks makes you complicit with child abuse. You deserve to be put away. Even if pornogaphy were protected under the First Amendment (which it is not), child porn is clearly not. Anyone who watches child porn has foreseeably caused children to be sexually abused. They belong in prison and on the sex offenders registry.

  • No it should not be

    Because many young kids would be pressured to do things they will regret when they are older. It is not the same as fully grown adults doing porn, they should not what they are letting themselves in for. Watching it at a young age is ok and maybe even a good thing, but appearing in it is a big no no!

  • No way,there should be no question on it

    This should be an debate at all. First of all child porn is not protected under First Amendment. There is no mention in the law that it is protected. Only adult porn is protected. Child porn is an visual representation of sexual abuse image. No child should be abused for entertainment or other people pleasure. This is just totally absurd idea.

  • If you send a nude it is child pornagraphy

    Just like people go to jail for even owning a picture of underage people's nudes, people who watch it should also go to jail. These are children as young as 4 maybe and you want watch them get raped and stuff. People who support these kinds of things are sick in the head and deserve to rot in jail, doesn't matter if you did not take part in raping the child and filming it, you still watched it with a smile on your face and for that you need to go to jail. People are sick and I'm tired of it

  • No thank you

    Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance. Nup nope not a chance.

  • No, of course not.

    Pornography is an already exploitative industry, one that tarnishes a man or woman's reputation for life. Children, who are not mentally mature (mental maturity is actually obtained in the 20s, in almost all cases), are not able to consent to participating in such a life-changing, exploitative industry. Anyone on to pro side of this issue, either has a private sexual agenda, a lack of morals, simply flawed logic, or all of the above.

  • It is not acceptable.

    Child pornography should definitly not be legal to sell and buy. It will be child abuse, because I'm 99% sure child pornography is made by older people. It is gross and unacceptable. Also, because it is illegal to have sex with children as an adult and pornography is close to having actual sex.
    That is why I'm against to selling and buying child pornography.

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