Should Child Protective Services (CPS) be more regulated?

Asked by: Fanny
  • At the moment, they aren't regulated enough

    Now I think children should be protected from abuse and neglect and some kind of social service should be involved to protect and aid these kids, but CPS does not do that at the moment. They just come in to intrude and they say whatever they want. They were involved with my now 2 year old when she was 17 months old. They told me I was neglecting her social needs because she was 17 months and not in a playgroup. They told me I was breastfeeding my other child too much and he's "too dependent" and I should bottle feed him instead. And one of my favorites: When my daughter was taking clothes out of a drawer, they told me to instigate disciplinary techniques to "manage" her. Like I said, she was 17 months old at the time. They told me babies don't get separation anxiety, only mothers do, and a whole lot of useless rah rah rah. People say they only get involved when there is real abuse going on, and I am shocked at how many people (especially fellow moms) are naive enough to believe that, but they just come into your home to tell you how to parent, if they somehow don't like they way you are parenting. They need to be regulated to help children who are really abused or neglected.

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