• Some women use it as a threat.

    Most women that I know only want the money. They always tell the man that if they want to see their baby they have to pay child support! Why? What of they can not afford it? What if the baby is not his? Shouldn't it be enough that he at least wants to be in the child's life? Why make it hard on him? Some women don't even take care of the child but keep them only to get that check every month. Are we sure that the money is even being used for the child? I believe it is not fair for a man to do all this just to see his child and the women just gives him a hard time. To them its all about the money money money!

  • Child support is evidence of gender discrimination

    Child support should be abolished? If a mother has the right to kill her unwanted child, a father shouldn't be forced to pay for his unwanted child. And to those who say child support should be limited. You agree that the man who doesn't want his baby shouldn't be forced to pay for him... Then why would the man who wants his baby be forced to pay for his child??

    Why would he agree to be FORCED to pay if he can just pay out of good will? If I was a father, I'd pay without getting myself involved with the law... This is confusing! Why should men be forced to do ANYTHING for the child when the woman receives full dominion?

  • Dead Beat Dads?? More Like Dead Beat Moms

    Child support is issued to easily and the woman has all the power in most cases. I know of many women who cheated on the father of their children and ran off with another man only to have the responsible father forced to pay child support. In most cases child support is issued because the mother either can not do what she wants because she has a child or because she applies for welfare and they make her seek child support. It encourages divorce and diminishes faithfulness and family. I think that if the United Stated did abolish child support we would see pregnancies out of wedlock drop and the economy would be better because of this. I also think that the government has enough financial problems of their own and it should not be the tax payers money going to these very costly agencies who do nothing constructive for society. Abolish it as soon as possible.

  • Absolutely should be abolished!

    The system is ripe with abuse.

    Equal rights should be equal rights. Also, we should not glorify divorce. No-fault divorces should be disallowed or heavily modified. The person seeking a no-fault divorce should get penalized by foregoing alimony and child support. In other words, a woman asks for divorce because she's "no longer in love" - great, off she goes - she gets no alimony, she gets no child custody or child support. If the guy cheats or is abusive, and it's all properly documented - different story. If nothing else, it'll make people think twice about marriage and their vows.

  • Child Support A Broken System

    As the mother of one child and the possessor of one order of child support, I do believe that child support should be abolished. As a single mother I was badgered by the Department of Human Services and the Child Support Services office to obtain a child support order at my own cost, because I was not receiving support, yet they could not track down the father to complete the support order themselves. After paying $750 for the support order, I received about $500 in support before he moved out of state. The whole process is ridiculous for all parties and generally unhelpful.

  • Yes it should.

    Women will say "If a man doesn't want a child he should of used a condom or should not have slept with her. Her body, her choice!" All of the blame is placed on the man and men are expected to pay support.

    If a woman wants the child, she gets to keep it and demand monetary support for it. If she doesn't want the child, she can have an abortion and discard her responsibility altogether. If a man wants the child, too bad. Forcing a woman to have a child is slavery, sexist, etc, etc. If he doesn't want the child, too bad. Her body, her choice, pay up.

    Women have a meal ticket and it's time it came to an end.

  • Child support should definitely be limited, if not abolished.

    I think that the child support laws should be as follows that a man does not need to pay for the child unless he: 1. Is the biological father 2. And he has consent to the child birth (As in being well informed before hand of the birth and the chance to sign off rights if he wishes to). The reason I am saying this is because I have noticed while the government and society is clamoring over the right for a woman to take care of her own body, why does not one care about the male's well being? A woman has the right to an abortion, so they should not have to worry about an unwanted baby if they choose not to have one. If they want to have it anyway, the woman alone should be responsible. Sure, it takes two to get pregnant, but in this society, it only takes one to actually give birth, in a literal and legal sense.

    I dont mind if I seem cold, but this is a fact. If the male had no intention of the child, he should not be responsible for one just like the woman does not need to be by simply aborting it.

  • It is unfair and not in the right proportion, People misuse to pay mortgages

    It puts blind trust on the receiver who can easily exploit, as human nature is to exploit. It is totally absurd to have jail terms for a person who do not work, It is against liberty clause of the constitution. It discourages people to make more money thus impacting economy, It is nonsense to make child support per the income, there can at least be a cap.

  • Each case judged separately

    So many times women move on into new relationships or marriages and end up coining it in by two or more men , yet the man who has lost his children often ends up struggling or forced to quit his job.
    Also women want to collect money yet freeze men out of the child's life , playing happy families with the new partner and only including the dad when it suits.
    It needs to stop.

  • Child support should absolutely be Abolished!

    Plain and simple! It's not fair! Most woman are lazy, spiteful, and vindictive! They take these men to court because they are angry! Angry that there man, bf, significant other has left them! Not all woman, but most! I was raised by my father! I am a female! If a man doesn't want to take care of his child, ok, the child will grow up and realize that! Don't force it!

  • If you knock her up and don't stay, you should pay!

    To pay the support is to teach the child that a father should be responsible. The lack of that message to kids is why we have so many men who grew up to be just like their deadbeat dads. Children grow up to copy us. If your kids make kids and leave them to starve, then you raised them wrong.

  • I will raise the boy.

    If she can't afford the child then give hime to me. I have 2 others I raise and pay out more than max unemployment plus welfare. It's simple, the parent that can afford the child should raise it. Especially if that parent wants to do it! I have never been late. Always automatically deducted from my paycheck but ruins my credit and gets my license suspended. The system is not designed for people to be on time. It is a complete failure.

  • If it's your child, you are responsible for it.

    If you helped create the child, you are responsible for it's well being. While paying money may seem like an inconvenience, it's much easier than actually raising the child. If you don't want to pay child support, don't have the kids. As long as the child is yours, the responsibility is as well.

  • Should not be abolished

    I am a child of a parent who did not pay child support throughout my life. A father who never paid for anything and didn't provide for his child, Even though he claimed that I was the only good thing in his life. Living 10 years without my dad, And I was never sent a dime. My mother played both rolls and it's difficult for a single parent to support their child, Especially when they get older and grow up! Everyone says money isn't everything, But it practically is! With health insurance, Food, Clothing, Education, Living, Eventually car payments, Car insurance, And so much more. A child isn't something you abandon, The minimum on child support is $400 a month, And if your too childish to say you don't have that for YOUR child, You are pathetic. And not all mothers are there to rip fathers off, And it isn't just specifically mothers we should call out for "ripping" fathers off for child support. Think about everything a mother goes through when a dead beat dad leaves her to pick up the pieces! There are always two sides to every story! There are also fathers out their who are single parents that were left to fend and raise their child and terrible mothers who leave their children! We can't just blame one parent! Lets get this straight, Every parent needs to pay for their child, You put them on earth, You care for them, Simple as that. Whether you are male or female/husband or wife. You are responsible for the children you bring into the world, And if you didn't want to in the first place, Well you should have thought long and hard about your decisions before you make a decision as big as a child. There are plenty of options for couples to not conceive.

  • Dead beat dads

    He left me and my son at 4 months. Hasn't called to check on him or even message about him. Gave him 48 hours of notice for every surgery and no show. Support your children and take your responsibility. You lost your family and other kids for same thing. Take responsibility for your actions.

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