Should child support payments be converted into a coupon that only applies to child-related purchases

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Child Support is to support children

    Child support is supposed to go to support the children. Some women (and men) abuse child support and use all the money for themselves. When the parent who has to pay child support pays the payment should be processed into a coupon that the other parent can use only for things like diapers and food and other things that could have a tangible relationship to supporting a child. No manicures, no taking the money and going to the bar, just things for the child.

  • I think this is a good idea.

    I am 100% behind the idea behind this (as well as the similar post regarding welfare). My only issue is that it would be pretty difficult to regulate/enforce such rules. When it comes to getting free money from others or from the government, people are pretty good at finding loopholes in rules. For instance, maybe, someone purchases some clothes/shoes for their child with child support money, then brings them back to return them and gets cash or store credit that they can spend in any manner they choose.
    I love this idea, I'm just not sure how it could be regulated well enough, without costing too many tax dollars.

  • It would prevent fraud

    Same should be applied to wellfare. It is converted to a coupon that can only be used for certain things. Such as food and gas or bills. Not luxury items or special amenities. I can't tell you how many times I've seen some chick come walk into a store. Brand new car. New clothes. Hair done. Nice nails. A small tribe of children and $600 worth of groceries and she pulls out a freakin EBT card or food stamps. Also if your not legal you don't deserve really anything from the government

  • No definitely not

    Purchases for children cover a wide array of things sometimes some of those things don't directly concern kids but in the long run it does this would not be covered by coupons
    For example: A woman buys a new car using the child support that she received as down payment
    This helps the chil because his mom can now drive him to places where he couldn't go otherwise is this abuse of child support? NO but this couldn't be possible if "coupons" were introduced.

  • Sounds good in theory,

    Unfortunately there are so many different things that could be considered as "support" for a child, the money being used on rent, utilities, gas for the car to transport them, any medical necessities etc. that the line between what you could buy with it and couldn't would become vague to the point of obscurity. At best it would just prevent people from using the money on themselves for drugs or alcohol and other unnecessary items for themselves, but anything beyond the obvious would be to hard to stop. Even then, there are ways around it. Lets take this scenario: bad parent has a drug or alcohol habit, they use coupon to buy games or a console they claim is for child's birthday, realistically this item could almost be anything, and then sell it to someone else or a pawn shop etc. for a cash value and then go buy drugs and or alcohol. In the end, people will always find a way around anything that prevents them from doing what they want, even when they should be stopped from doing it.

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