Should children (aged 0-8years) be able to watch the news?

Asked by: kim989644
  • Its just life

    Why should they not watch it? The news is a factual source of information about the world we live in, its not fake, it isn't made up, so what are you trying to hide kids from, reality? The world isn't a perfect place and never will be, so why try to fool yourself by telling kids throughout there young age that it is? It doesn't induce violence like a action movie does. Its an unbiased source of information. Telling a kid that the worlds perfect is a bit like painting a car without a motor, you can make it look as good as you want but at the end of the day its still a car without a motor. Plus the news isn't even that bad, there's always great stories about peoples personal achievements, scientific discoveries, economical breakthroughs and heaps more

  • The News Gives Children An Inaccurate View Of The World

    Today most news outlets are one-sided showing only the bad things happening in the world. This is because the media cannot make money off of good news. And since so many people have access to the one-sided news it makes everyone think that the world is worse than it actually is.

    If the news included even a fraction of the good things happening in the world then many would find that the world is much better off than they believe.

    Kids should be exposed to the most accurate sources of information. We cannot trust sources driven by financial incentives to teach kids or ourselves.

  • Why should we show young children how awful the world is?

    Children are always saying silly things, if they are going to watch the news and see some one being shot, their bond to say something bad. Why would we want young children to witness the awful things that are happening in the world, especially if they grow up to be scared of it.

  • Encourages Violence at a young age

    In today's society the news is full of vehicle accidents, robberies and gun violence. Exposing children to that at such an early age can have psychological effects like sadism and violent behavior. Although the news isn't the main culprit of such behaviors in children, I believe that it shows the truly negative things about the world we live in, leaving them to think that we live in a horrible and mean world.

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