Should children allowed using phones,before teenage.

Asked by: Refuser
  • Im dying over here`

    I click on it, and 100% of y'all said no. I also think no because kids are now watching porn now. 9 year old's are now cussing me out, telling me they'll murder me with what your barbies? I'm not even joking kids now walking around acting like gangsters when I'm over here with my white ass clothes.

  • I believe it should not be allowed

    Because child is person who still don't know what is best for them, and they still need get attetion by their parents. If they have already phone before they are teenage. It can influence their study, cause you know there are many things that come from handphone give the nagatives thing, such as game, socmed, etc. and it makes them "addicted" moreover from internet they can easily get the pornography things. So that's why i agree if child should not use phone before teenage

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