Should children and teenagers use professional athletes as role models?

Asked by: 96jgaunt
  • Far more good than bad

    Professional athletes have a tremendous amount of positive impact upon children and adolescents. They have a great drive and determination which can be transferred into many walks of life and not just sports, they promote healthy eating and exercise. Some athletes also do a tremendous amount of charity work. What they do publicly is more important to what they do privately!

  • Athletes are great role models

    Most people look at the few athletes that have done bad things, yes, mike vick has done a bad thing and all, but, 98% of the athletes are good, most of them, (mainly soccer players) donate most of their pay to charity and people in need, not all athletes live bad lifestyles in fact athletes are determined and focused to live a healthy livestyle to focus on their objective and that could lead to kids learning how to live a good healthy life as well.

  • I'm a teenager

    Unlike all others I'm not stupid to get myself into a felony, but really a lot of teenagers have been caught due to drugs which is mostly starting to get annoying. Except for the part where they support michael Jordan but other than that my answer is a definite big no

  • Professional athletes are bad role models

    I don't believe children should look up to professional athletes as role models or even aspire to be a professional athlete. The issue with professional athletes, is instead of studying in school to be a productive member of society they put all their focus into a deadend activity such as sports.

  • Drugs, dog fighting and murder

    The number of scandals that professional athletes have been involved in is staggering. From Tiger Woods cheating on his wife with several women and Michael Vick running dog-fighting rings to several well known athletes being caught using performance enhancing steroids. Even more recently, Aaron Hernandez has been charged with murder.

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Flipper72725 says2013-10-02T03:10:29.750
Both very good points