• It is a learning style and often very effective

    If someone learns better in their home, and can pick up more information from home schooling, they should be allowed to. Schools are also places that lots of bad things happen, bullying and more. A person's home is often their sanctuary. So if a person either isn't as capable of learning what is taught in school and their parents don't want to subject them to ridicule, or they just learn better at home, it is advantageous to allow home schooling.

  • Of course they should

    Homeschooling is just as legitimate and successful as classroom schooling. Many parents are very capable of giving their children a well rounded and excellent education and many students function far better in the homeschool environment than int he traditional classroom.

    With the rise of the age of technology, the traditional classroom as we know it may even dissear altogether.

  • I really think so!

    Children suffer through a lot, I was desperate 2 be home-schooled so know how it feels, I think as well many kids do not fit in, maybe it would be good for them to be at home instead of suffering through high school especially. I know how it feels its so hard!

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