Should children be able to have phones starting when they are at the age of 10?

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  • I say yes because kids should be able to at least experience something big at first so they can learn to take a big responsibilty

    So if you dont want to buy your kid a phone dont do it if you dont want to if i had a child i would to let them call me when they need to go somewhere or want to go somewhere.And also i would to keep in touch with your child.

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  • Parents be smart

    I think you parents should let your kids have a cell phone expecially because it for there safety, but if you system no then if he/she gets kidnapped or lost you could call them,track them down, or they could call you for any emergency or if they need to give you info. So parent please be smart I'm actually writing a report about this in school I'm in sixth grade and I don't have a phone and that can affect me. PleZZZZZ give a phone to your children 10 or over before it's too lateπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ’”

  • Learn to be responsible

    Kids should be taught to be responsible from young age, it helps them to live on their own when they're grown up. With phones, kids can get a lot of informations and can increase their sociability. However, they still need their parents to monitor their activity and ensure that balance is achieved.

  • For safety reasons

    Its illegal to use self defense taught by an instructor that is registered with your country and you could be fined or go to jail if used do its nice to have a phone and who says it has to be a (smart) phone... Seriously though ive had one since i was 9 and i still have it in a drawer somewhere....


  • Sense of responsibility

    It all comes down to the maturity of the child, but handing a child their first phone, gives them a chance to show that they are responsible and able. It not only gives them a chance to show it, but makes them more responsible as owning any kind of phone is a big deal. The statement does not say anything about smart phones, only about simple phones.
    Finally, ten is a very young age and handing a considerably young child a phone teaches them to grow and mature faster and learn that its not up to others to take care of them, it's up to themselves!

  • Why shouldn't they?

    We can complain and moan about how we never had phones when we were kids, but ultimately there's no set standard for the intelligence or responsibility of a child, regardless of what schools seem to be going for. Everyone's different, and should be treated as such.

    That being said, phones are primarily communication devices. They let people communicate with people for various reasons, (I remember my first one was so I could talk to my parents when I needed to) and those reasons extend to almost anyone.

  • It depends on the kid.

    I am saying yes, assuming that the kid is responsible enough. There is no age when a kid should be allowed to start having a phone. This notion is ridiculous; every kid is different and you cannot judge a whole age group on the actions of certain people. Some children as young as 10 have to take the city bus home, by themselves. What if something goes wrong? Lots of children these days have to walk alone or live in dangerous areas. Also, it depends on the maturity and responsibility level of the kid. Some children are responsible, and not every kid uses their phone for social media. I got my first cell phone when I was 10, actually, and it wasn't a smartphone. I used it for texting my family and a couple friends. I realize that some kids are spoiled and have brand-new iPhones and such, but you have to base the decision on how the certain kid acts and their situation.

  • It teaches them.

    Having a phone at an earlier age helps kids develop a knowing of how to take care of their phone and using it appropriately. Also, it will help them know about and how to use it and understand it so they know later on in their life. They can use it to call their parents if they need them at an appropriate time.

  • Ten? Seriously? Ten?

    No 10-year old needs a cellphone. Now, I'm sure that many supporters will argue that it is "for safety". But these individuals have apparently forgotten what it was like to be a kid! They are assuming, in the face of a threat ... Someone chasing them, snatching them, etc., that a kid will take the time to use their cellphone. What would anybody do in that situation? You either run, hide, or fight back. Ever tried to dial a phone, while running? If hiding, you cannot speak (it'll give away your location to the predator). If you are fighting, you aren't using a phone either. So, it doesn't provide safety. If you want to "arm" a kid, teach them karate. Then, they can defend themselves!

    Aside from that, kids have limited attention spans. A cellphone is a huge distraction. The obvious conclusion is that a cellphone will cause classroom performance & grades to suffer. Homework, if done at all, will be recklessly finished (to return to that cellphone). Then, there is the responsibility factor. Cellphones aren't cheap & 10-year olds aren't always careful. You can only expect so much from a kid. If a 10-year old doesn't leave his/her bike in the driveway or yard -- that's the MOST responsibility you can hope for! If they also make their bed up, in the morning, they may be gifted! Be content with that & proud. They can get a cellphone on their 13th birthday!

  • No they shouldn't.

    What the heck really kids shouldn't have a phone at the age of 10. They are 10 there is no reason why a 10 year old should have a phone they are to young and have no responsibility yet I still know allot of people in my grade that are still to irresponsible. And know it dose not teach them they are better off staying away from tech and social media.

  • But for what?

    I mean, lately I've seen children with cellphones and what do they do? Download apps, games, take photos of whatever they want, in my opinion that's useless, most parents think that their children will call them when they arrive to school or when they got a break to make sure they're fine, no, that's not the way they use it, instead they play and keep downloading games. Plus, 10-years old don't know the risks of having a cellphone, and as they're still young that makes them more vulnerable to being robbed fot their phones. We're not keeping our children safe,we're putting them in risk.

  • 10 is Too Young

    I never had a phone until I was almost out of middle school (14-15). I always told my parents where I was planning on going after school and if not, I'd call off someones house phone. It really helped me, because I actually went outside and played and enjoyed drawing, writing, ect. Children now-a-days are getting Iphones at age 10, downloading stupid apps that dumb them down, and don't give them the experience of outside play or learning fro textbooks. There are scary apps as well that sound fun but are dangerous, the one similar to talking tom, the cat, however, this is a human TALKING LIVE TO THE CHILDREN! And he can see them. Asking them to take their shirt off, or asks if their parents are home, and where they live. The world keeps getting more dangerous towards young children and giving them the opportunity (with a phone or tablet) to be the target of these dangerous things isn't what we should do. You don't need to give your child a phone or tablet at a young age to know where they are, you need to be a good parent to know what they're up to.

  • Too many kids addicted to technology

    I didn't need technology growing up. Some of my favorite games were "lava on the floor" and "keep the balloon up in the air" Phones teach disrespect not responsibility. There are so many kids at my school who are on their phones (facebook, twitter, texting, etc.) while the teacher is talking.

  • Having a phone when you are ten is ridiculous.

    In the United States, the average ten-year-old is in the fourth grade of elementary school. There are more elementary schools, than any other type of school, which allows the schools to be small, and close to home. This means that the average ten-year-old does not need to communicate on a regular basis with anyone. They do not need to be thrown into the terrible world of cyberspace and social media at such a young age. And, it makes me jealous because I don't have a smartphone yet.

  • More harm than good

    At the age of 10, they should be physically active and exploring and being curious of the world. If children, who aren't yet capable of self-control, have smartphones at early ages, I believe it can cause addiction problems, eye-sight problems, and spoiling effect (pride over whose phone is the best among their peers at early age, leading to treasure materials).

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