• It's how children learn responsibility

    Guns, Whether people like it or not, Are not only legal, But a central part of the American outlook. Children need to learn how to properly handle and be responsible for firearms, Thus being able to play with toy guns is no different than being able to play with toy cars.

  • Toy guns are cool

    They were my favorite toys, And I always wanted to go into the Army. I think kids should learn gun safety though, And how to shoot so they can one day defend themselves and others. Toy guns should however have an orange tip so they aren't confused with real ones.

  • Yes they should

    Kids should be able to play with toy guns because toy guns are just toy guns ok let all the kids all around the world be able to play with their toy guns ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok good bye

  • NIgg yea lol

    White moms said no and white moms are gay. Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol olo l o lo l loll o ll o l o l l ol ool olo l ololol o lol ol o lol ol o l ol o l o lol o l

  • They should be

    They should be able to play with toy guns but the problem is is that the parents don't teach them the danger and keep it locked away. Yea sure when they are a toddler you should keep it away but when they become older instead of them trying to find out there own way you should take them to the gun range and show them the power of and danger

  • Yes of course.

    For them it can be very fun to play with toy guns, Because It is realistic and it makes them more aware about actual issues and problems as they grow up. Like say for example when they might play war or some kind of game with their friends they might not know about war when they play it and it just makes them more mature. And same with real guns everyone should know how to handle a real gun weather they like it or not. Because if they really need to use a weapon to survive they know how to use it. And that is the same for kids.

  • Toy guns aren’t hurting your kid or their assets.

    Before I start, Let me just say I am actually pro gun control. My school had a shooting scare a year back and ever since then I’ve been involved with gun control politics. Alright, Now the subject at hand- toy guns (assuming you mean nerf guns and stuff) hurt literally nobody, Because nerf is adversities in such a light hearted way- kids are either shooting zombies or targets, So when they play with other kids, Imtheyll be pretending to shoot at zombies or criminals on the run or something. Kids like being the hero- toy guns just encourage them to play this role. They aren’t harmful.

  • They should be allowed to play with toy guns!

    Why should they be allowed? Well, If they want to be a police officer or something, They'll want to practice with a toy gun before they get a real gun! Would you give a random stranger a gun and say "You're gettin' a gun. "? No, It'd make no sense! Also, Not all guns involve violence! They are also used for protecting innocent people. I hope that after reading this you'll understand that they should be allowed to play with toy guns. :3 Now, One last thing. . . .


  • Because they can

    A child may play with a toy gun because they are bored.
    Also the child my be going hunting the next day or week.
    Or the child may be thinking to join the army when he/she is older.
    Last a child may have a father/mother as a security guard and wants to fallow their foot steps.

  • It Teaches Irresponsibility for Gun's

    Water guns sure, Some plastic pistol or musket why not but realistic looking guns especially air-soft handguns or rifles should be used by kids they teach irresponsibility as the goal is to well shoot the other person. Kids will be kids I sure as hell loved playing with plastic guns as a kid but anything that reassembles a real firearm has no place for kids as they will learn to think of guns as toys that are to be played with when in reality firearms are deadly weapons that can be a whole lot of fun but only if used properly with the correct amount of training and safety self discipline.

  • Nope, Nope, And nope.

    I feel as if you give a kid a plastic gun, They're gonna one day hold it up to a officer. I've heard stories about kids dying because a cop thought a kid was holding up a real gun. But instead it was a cheap, Plastic gun that was at Dollar Tree. Also, WHY SHOULD NORMAL PEOPLE GET ASSULT WEAPONS! ? ! ? If the government really turned against us, Those weapons would be useless. They have tanks. TANKS! Oh well. Back to the point. Children shouldn't have toys, It's pretend killing. Would you rather have your child pretend to murder they're friend, Or have them play with other things, Like dolls, Or toy cars. Anyways. Please, No toy guns. :P

  • Allowing children to play with toy guns is psychologically harmful to them.

    Gun always involves the idea of violence. Even in self-defense using gun, Violence is still present. Exposing children to toy guns will expose them to the violent nature of real guns. Their minds are still not fully developed. In other words, They can easily get influenced by what they see. If they see shooting a friend with a toy gun is fine, There is a possibility (even the slightest) that they may shoot people with real guns later in life.

    Having said that, I am not contending that all children who play toy guns will surely shoot people with real guns. The point is that even the slightest of possibilities is enough reason not to allow them to use toy guns. Toy guns isn't fun and they serve no purpose other than gratifying children with the idea of killing a person. Other toys exist.

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