• We need to be able to vote!

    It is not fair that older kids get to vote but younger ones don't. What? ! This world is crazy these days. We have opinions to we should be able to have our own opinions too you know. We should have our own rights. By the way Scott Taylor should have won!

  • We know what we're doing

    As a kid myself, of course I'd pick the side promoting my own well-being, but I would like you to know that I have reasonable facts and opinions supporting my answer. First off, contrary to many beliefs, children actually DO have brains.
    Mind BLOWN.
    I know, crazy, right?
    Many say that children wouldn't be capable of having an opinion separate from ANYTHING THERIR GUARDIAN SAYS. Apparently, we don't have our own limbs, either, because others say that children wouldn't be capable of putting THE VOTE IN THE BOX LIKE A HUMAN BEING. But wait-- another crazy fact for you-- *gasp* We ARE humans! We suffer from the same illnesses, we live on the same planet, and we follow the same laws as any adult. Unfortunately, adults are quite ignorant at times, and we have to live with mistakes that they have made. That's right-- HUMAN BEINGS! The USA is apparently a free country... Except for, oh, I don't know... Women, children, and people of African descent. That's approximately 87% of the US population. 87% of the population that isn't treated equally. 64% of the US alone is children. We know exactly what we're doing. We have brains, limbs, and opinions-- none of which we're allowed to use.
    One thing I want you to remember-- That was written by an eleven year old. Sit with that for a moment.

  • Kids are humans too!!

    Adults are always saying that kids are your future, but they do not let kids make it the one they desire. The future is something that everyone should have a say in, no matter what. If the roles were reversed and adults didn't get to vote, adults would argue the exact things I'm saying, and much more. If you want a good future, let everyone decide it.

    If countries around the world are banning slavery, why are children being denied rights? Kids are extremely intelligent but adults don't give them a chance just because they want all the power and don't give children a vote. Adults should not have all the power, because they can legally drink alcohol, be bribed with certain things kids can't, and they make up more than half of the world's population, so what do you have to lose? Consider that.

  • Kids are humans too!!

    If the roles were switched and you adults were the kids, you would want to be able to vote too. Adults always say that kids are the future, yet you don't even let us pick our future. Some may say that kids can be bribed easily, but everyone can be bribed eventually. Kids could be geniuses and make all the right decisions but you will never know. Children are your future, so let it be a good one.

  • Yes kids vote

    Kids are humans they have right vote it is a free country. Parents say life not fair thats bull crap they get what ever they want it should be our turn I mean come on way do you say that you pay the bills you can go buy a whole bunch of useless crap. You say that you can stay up because you are an adult well geuss what you have no real reason to stay up later

  • YES education has changed, at least in canada

    Yes, education has changed The education has changed. 12 would be a good age. In school, i've been taught the political parties, their missions, how voting works, and how to make the choices. We even took part in a survey called "studentvote" sort of like voting, to let the government know what kids think about political parties. Kids are mature enough to vote and make choices, at least in canada. Everyone in my class wants to vote. Kids today have more education than some adults. My teacher, when voting for the first time did not know any of the names of the leaders. Or parties. Kids today however, follow elections closely, trying to see if their favorite political party wins, helplessly not able to vote. Some kids like me care, and some don't. Some adults care, but some don't being able to vote should not be depended on age, but rather on education and experience, or how much they know. Most adults vote regarding how nice the names of the political parties sound. That's ridiculous right? Even us kids at the age of 12 or 13 can do better. We have a better understanding of politics than most adults. I mentioned a political party (NDP) to my dad, and he didn't know what the heck i was talking about

  • At least 16!!

    Some children do not know all of the system so they would just vote for someone random. Maybe someone who is racist might be elected because loads of little kids got the franchise. Therefor little kids wont get the vote for who they think is the right person to choose!!

  • Children cant vote yet !!!!!

    Children are not as experienced as adults and can be bribed easily. Children have not experienced all of school and not had jobs so they might not get what the candidates are talking about . Children do not realise that they are being bribed and that the person who wins this will not do any thing they have promised

  • I don't think they should vote.

    I'm eleven and I still don't think we should be able to vote. Honestly my whole life I've wanted to be able to vote and have a choice but I've been reading up on it and actually a lot of these comments and opinions are making me switch sides on the subject. It is true many younger kids could vote for someone simply because they're pretty or gave them a candy bar. I'm not necessarily a no, I'm more a maybe but I had to choose one so that is my opinion.

  • Children should not be able to vote.

    Children should not be able to vote. If kids could vote, they would just vote whatever their parents told them to. They need time to form their own set of beliefs and convictions so that when they go to the polls, they are voting for the people that they personally think will do the better job.

  • Children Can't Vote

    School children should not be allowed to vote for obvious reasons. School children are not mature enough to make decisions of responsibility. School children can play act politics in the classroom but they should not be allowed to register to vote because they are not adults tasked with important decision-making.

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