Should children be administered to by specialists of therapeutic touch in order to treat their minor ills?

  • Anything Can Help

    Therapeutic touch may not be a panacea, but anything can help to treat someone's minor ills such as a cold. Nutrition can help. Minor ills sometimes just need a little extra tender loving care to feel better. Specialists of therapeutic touch can help in some ways. Perhaps parents can learn the technique to help their children and avoid making appointments to see specialists.

  • Yes, therapueutic touch should be administered to children.

    Yes, I think children's minor illnesses should be treated with touch whenever possible. Touch is a therapy that has been used for many years with great results. Too many medications are prescribed now days so, any time this can be avoided it should be. I think we all need to keep an open mind to new and different alternative treatments.

  • No, children should not be administered alternative medicine.

    I do not think that children should be administered alternative means of medical treatments to cure their ills. Such programs have not really been provent to be beneficial at all to help and cure somem of the illnesses that some kids are affected by. I think traditional medicine should always be the first step.

  • Children Should not be treated by therapeutic touch

    The minor ills of children should not be treated by specialists of theraputic touch. The method is an untested one, and would be a waste of time for minor ills. Therapeutic touch is not accepted by Western medicine, despite its use in other mostly third world countries. It is best for minor ills of children to be treated by Western doctors and proven methods.

  • They don't need this hippy crap!

    Therapeutic touch is not necessary to treat minor ills. Children should get good nutrition, bed rest, and hugs and kisses from Mom and Dad for minor ills. If an illness is more serious a child should be taken to the doctor and treated accordingly. They don't need "therapeutic touch" or any other hippy silly ideas.

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