Should children be adopted by parents of the same race?

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  • Because It doesn't matter if your the same race as long as they are a good famliy

    In a new study regardless of the race of their adopted parents, black adopted children were no different from other kids. Also 15% of U.S. Childrenare blakc but they account for nearly a third in foster care and a third in waiting for adoption! A child could be adopted by a parent of the same race but hate it because they may be abusive or hateful towards that child even if they are the same race. Love is Love! Why should we have the society where skin colour is a factor in happiness or Love? And besides Some people have interracial parents so they do end up living with a parent of a different race but what matter does it make?

  • Race doesn't have anything to do with love

    If the adult and the child both have a special connection then race should have absolutely nothing to do with it. There are biracial kids all around the world who are technically not the exact same race as their mother or father. They are a combination of both. And that doesn't seem to hinder their ability to love and develop and grow like any other child.

  • Children should be adopted by any home that would like to.

    No, children should not necessarily be adopted by parents of the same race. There is really no evidence to support that being with parents of the same race is an advantage. Being exposed to diversity will probably be better for the child in the long run as they will be raised in a home promoting diversity and acceptance of different races.

  • No. Love is Love

    No, I don't think children in dire need of a good homes should be held hostage in an orphanage until they can be paired up with parents of the same race. The most important things that child need are love, protection and guidance. Those are things that transcend race. Those are traits that link humanity as a whole.

  • Adoption for all

    No, I don't think that children who are to be adopted should have to be adopted by parents the same race as they are. Everyone is equal and nothing should be determined by the color of one's skin. There are any children out there to be adopted and it's not fair if there's not enough of one races adoptees to go around.

  • No, parents offering a loving home should be able to adopt any child

    I do not believe that race should play a role in the adoption process. I think that in the majority of cases, this is not even a problem. But in the rare instance where parents wished to adopt a certain child of a different race, there should be no roadblock to prevent them from doing so.

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