• Not everybody is a loser.

    In casinos you can as well as lose,and a crafty kiddie's winnings could help contribute to the family income, as this tale illustrates...

    James Bond’s wife made him vow never to bet
    But he had a gadget to cheat at roulette
    So he sent his little boy, Al
    Into Le Casino Royale
    And now he's one of Monaco’s junior jet set

  • Yes kids should

    Well if you say " kids could lose money" well yes a possibility but they could also gain money . I didn't choose the thug life the thug life choose me and yes I steal lollipops from the ground so.... $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  • Children will have fun

    In Las Vegas or Atlantic City, if you go to the casino your child may win a fortune. There must be limits though. They would have much more fun if they broke even or made a profit. Too much gambling is bad but a little bit here and there is very good. In addition, children don't have much money anyway so they won't really have to watch their money. If they want to gamble and waste their money, so be it. If they lose, okay but if they win, excellent

  • Make a kids section there

    I personally think they should make a kids section at any casino.For example im going to las vegas i dont have to ruin my vacation and my kids will enjoy too.They should make an arcade or some type of kids and teens place.That will be all and thats it. Thanks

  • Oddly I find it good

    First off, kids do not have a lot of money, so they aren't going to go bankrupt and live on the street. He also couldn't steal money from his parents, and get away with it. In my honest observation, almost all the countries who don't baby children until a certain age, don't have the same problems as us Americans. Alcohol is not a problem in Western Europe, why? Because, European countries with that culture expose their children to alcohol at an early age. It helps by not getting hit with it all so fast, and you can gradually move into it. This teaches them responsibility, and would lessen the problems of alcohol.I feel that it could be the same with gambling, (a little friendlier though) and could help fix our problems associated with it being abused. I feel educating is better than just punishing, for something they are ignorant about in the first place.

  • Better parental skill

    Parents are responsible for the proper rearing of their children. I watch children being brought into casinos constantly. People are smoking, drinking , gambling. This is not appropriate for children. You could take them to the bunny ranch to complete their education. Quite being selfish. Leave your children with a sitter.

  • Gamers not aware of surroundings

    Casinos are smoke filled with alcohol. People that gamble are not looking out for kids and kids are small and could get run over by a disabled person in a scooter. If your precious little snowflake has to be with you, on-line gamble. Leave the crying kiddos at home, there are enough sad, whiny adults at casinos already.

  • Very bad influence

    They grow up learning to gamble and not knowing the importance of financial management. Also they'll grow up smoking and drinking their way to the streets. It's a very bad habit and it would be a shame if your child ruined their life over gambling. There's a small chance of you winning a million dollars.

  • They should not.

    Reason why children should NOT be allowed in casinos is because their mind sets and their perception on what is accepted in the society are developed when they are young. By exposing them to such places at such an impressionable age and inducing them to deem gambling as a norm would undeniably increase the likelihood of them gambling and yet treat is as an widely accepted behaviour without truly understanding the consequences when one might unprecedentedly gets addicted. This is definitely undesirable because the addiction can bring about a variety of social problems in the long run such as children turning to gambling as a source of income or even borrowing just to gamble and neglect their proper role as a student. One might even cheat or play tricks to win that money. When these behaviours are indoctrinated into the child, the possibility of him committing crime levels up.

  • Of course not.

    50 words required on stating an opinion that not one parent should disagree with.

    There once was a child in Reno,
    Whose mother had left in a casino.
    She wondered and hmm'ed,
    'Should I leave him with the blackjack and rum?'
    To which every one with a brain shouted 'NO!'

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