Should children be allowed iPads, laptops or kindles?

  • I believe kids should be able to have laptops.

    I believe kid should have laptops because they can listen to music, play games, and do homework. Music calms them down and erases there minds. Games can educate you and keep them occupied. A laptop can help them complete there homework. Thanks for taking the time to read this and get your kid a laptop.

  • As long as they dont get iphones and laptops

    They can use Ipads with the right apps, to recive great learning experience. But please dont give them Iphones or Laptops until they are about 13 years old. It can create a bad, rivalery of having the best tech. They should not have it until they are 13 years old.

  • Because it has educational stuff

    Because children may not only play subway surfers or real racing 3 and even though they disobey you, you should not go to hard on them for a piece of ipad. If you really hate them playing games that are not related to education, then why should you buy them?

  • I think not

    The devices are very expensive and small children will drool, drop, and crack laptops and other mobile devices. Parents spend a lot of money buying those fancy devices. They don't need to be ruined. I just got a new phone and I try to keep it away from my little brothers. They might break it.

  • Ipads and Laptops are very expensive

    Ipads and Laptops are extremely expensive and children tend to lose things. They should be able to have access to these items, but they should not belong to the child. Yes, the product is very beneficial and educational, but the child should not have free reign. They should not be able to think of them as their own and take them to school, or otherwise abuse the item.

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