• Much needed in today's era and society

    We are living in the digital age, Technology like the social media is rife in the modus vivendi of every teenager's life. Having said that, Exposure to digital concepts at an age optimum for learning should be a staple in the education of older children like teenagers. Without the presence of social media in one's adolescence, It is evident that when one grows into an adult, He would have great difficulty in deciphering the complex intricacies of the new social platform. This would result in a digital gap being formed which will not only diminish the efficiency of some teenagers but also social media itself as a platform for communication too.
    It is true that there are a lot of risks and dangers involved in social media, And this is precisely why one needs to be taught how to safely utilize social media at a young age with parental guidance. Wouldn't it be exponentially worse for an adult with more trouble in his hands to start learning to avoid risks involved in the cyber web space as compared to a child who can be easily guided by trusted adults?
    With these two reasons alone, I strongly view social media as an essential component for the complete development of children.

  • Definitely yes yes

    Kids do not need to look at the innapropiate stuff and you can see the internet for kids
    GREAT! I think especially instagram that you can do heap of cool things and snapchat even better! All my friends have it and i think i should deserve it too
    p. S i am 10

  • I think they should

    I say it's not harmful. Yeah sure you got creeps and stuff but you as the parent need to step up and see what your kids are doing. I think they should be allowed on social media but I just wish they were more smarter on what they post on it. If they are under the age of ten then no but if they are I would just have a talk with them about the dangers and sometimes check on what they are on what they are posting.

  • Of course. Think of the repercussions.

    Everyone here voting "no" has one thing in common. You state how children that have social media are exposed to "violence, Hate speech, Drugs etc. "

    You realise how stupid that sounds? Social Media isn't an umbrella-term for the deep web you know - but that's for another debate. Anyways, The things you list are also things that your child can be exposed to in real life. Hate speech, Violence and even drugs are very common, Especially since young children may not understand the difference between prescribed medical drugs and illegal or unprescribed drugs.

    Children who don't have social media are also a target for bullying or being picked on. I realise that many of you will think that you are "protecting" your children from cyber-bullying, But that often isn't the case. I've honestly heard more cases (and unlike most of you, I didn't hear it from BuzzFeed) from fellow co-workers (who work with children every day) - about being physically picked on for NOT having social media than cyberbullying.

    I know that people may also say that some kids who are bullied online don't admit it, But it is a parent's responsibility to monitor their kid's social media, Just like it is their responisibility to make sure they have friends and don't get physically bullied.

    We all need to take a step back and realise that by stopping children from doing something that we all do, We are just making them more curious. So when they do go online, You'll have no idea - and since you never talked to them about online safety, Who know's what they will do. . .

  • Yes, To teach them how this new media work.

    Social media is a fast growing type of media, It will be a great reason to teach children media literacy and security over the Internet.
    That been said, Some social media websites, Which are confirmed to use data for gain or cut corners on securing their clients data, These sites need to be banned.

  • Safety is troublesome.

    Social media connect people that do not know each other. Not only don't you know them personally, You don't know their age, Gender, Religion, Basically anything. Sure, Many are intended for kids and may even have maximum age and other requirements but for all you know, The person on the other end is lying about everything including their profile. A child may think they are talking to a kid their age but may actually be chatting with a 50 yr. Old pedophile. Fact is, Even adults get tricked into dangerous situations. The internet is filled with such stories. 10% of profiles on dating sites alone tend to be fake or have significant false information. Even if a profile was truthful to person named on the account, Who knows who is actually using that profile.
    Child safety is a huge concern and allowing kids to use social media is dangerous to their safety as kids tend to be much more trusting and forthcoming with personal information than an adult.

  • There are POLICIES

    All social media has their respective policy of who can use their platforms, Usually it is at the age of 13. As parents of younger children, It is not wrong to closely monitor your kids for they are your responsibility on what they absorb on the internet. LET KIDS BE REALLY KIDS. They should be working on their multiplication tables, Vocabularies and play!

  • That depends on how you define children.

    I would argue that the right age to let your children have phones that have access to social medias and such is around 12. It is important for the children who use social medias to be aware of the many dangers of internetusage. I would also like to add that parents should make them aware of these dangers at a young age so they understand the problem.

  • I don't think so

    It also depends on the age of the child. They need to be old enough as to know that social media can be as harmful as it can be helpful. Also i don´t really know why a child would need social media because they should be developing in real life first.

  • Children are impressionable

    Children shouldn't be allowed on because they will see all the ads for weight lost and all the edited people and think this is how they are supposed to be. They will compare themselves to the people they see and this could cause mental health problems and even eating disorders. There are also a lot of things shown on social media like underaged drinking and drugs and younger kids might then see them as okay or might do these things because everyone else is and so they also have to.

  • Kids need to be outside the house more often.

    By using social media, Kids would likely stay at home and just watch social media like I do now. Kids shouldn't be inside the house just watching Instagram, Facebook, And many other social media sites, Since they're usually not the ones experiencing it, But instead they're just watching what others are doing over a screen.

  • Social media sucks

    Social media is unsafe and and it is terrible. I hate social media. It can be inappropriate and it can make kids be in way over their head. Children will go bragging about how many fans they have and will make the kids that do not have social media feel bad. This is why I hate social media and think that kids should not be allowed it.

  • Social Media promotes jealousy

    As a highschooler who used to have social media, I can say this first hand and from a fair perspective.
    When you see your friends posting pictures with other friends and they didn't invite you, That is one of the worst feelings. No one likes being left out. Or kids post their new toy, Their new present, Them receiving awards, Going on vacation etc. They post the highlights of life and kids don't know any better than to compare that highlight reel with their normal everyday life.
    Especially in middle school with all the awkwardness and jealousy that comes with that, Social media just adds to all the bad things and contributes little to good.
    Another thing I've found is there are many things on social media that are inappropriate for kids under 13, That will just pop up without any kind of prompting.
    I say that kids need to learn many things before getting social media, Such as self control, And parents can decide kid to kid when they are ready for social media.

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