Should children be allowed to ask questions on this website?

  • Questioning doesn't discriminate

    I am a student of 14 years and I have been debating for a few years now. This website helps me with my research and there is no reason why I shouldn't be allowed to ask questions here. That argument is pretty lame to be honest! *I rest my case*

  • Yes, children should be able to ask questions on this website

    I believe that kids should have the option and choice to ask questions on this website. I believe that if you have the mental capacity and motivation to learn and participate in capitalism, no matter your age you should be given the chance to voice your opinion or ask questions.

  • Children Have Questions

    Children should be allowed to ask questions. As long as the question is appropriate they have every right to get an answer as anyone else. Putting in a monitor system that makes sure the question is real and relevant will be very important though to keep the site running well.

  • No .....It's an adult website

    It has a lot of 13+ things ,they should not even have an access to it... It's wrong -----------------it's wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong NONO ONONONLNONONONONO NO NO NO NI NIO JON KONNKKKNM. MN M N N B. N NB BB. SEEeeee. Bh b. B. B. B. B.

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