Should children be allowed to decide the subjects taught in schools?

  • Why be in this boring class?

    If you enjoy science than why can't you have more of it than math? What if George is in to music but can only do it once a week for 45 minutes? They should know what they want by the age of 10 so why force them to sleep on their desks for a whole hour in boring history or math or ....? Angela like arts but is forced to run 3 km each week in gym until she falls to the ground. WHY?

  • I think they should

    I think they should because in some cases students may take a required course but the course actual does nothing for them in the future. So they should be able to decide so they can start to learn about what the career or future they decide that they want to do

  • Teens should not be considered as children anymore.

    It's the 21st century where kids as low as 12 years old have an iPod, laptop, a cellular phone and most probably access to the internet. By the time they explore the world through the source of the internet learning about the planet their living in land at the desk mature enough to know what they're passionate about when opting for their subjects. In most countries, students opt for subjects while their 14-15 years old which is when their most likely to hit puberty as well have sense of the right and wrong of the world. By the time their 15 years old let's say parents do interfere or rather say guide them well in their lives of the good and bad. Like explaining why smoking cigarettes is injurious to health and watching porn isn't right. More over when opting for subjects the students have access to college/high school counselors whom they can ask for guidance. Their mature enough to set their goals in life. If Alex is passionate about art and paints remarkable masterpieces why bother forcing him to drop art and chose biology, chemistry and physics to be a doctor? Technology is advancing, a teen's vision is broadening, it's time parents need to let their children take their decisions themselves but on a further notice not let them fall off track like dropping out of school or join a drug dealing gang. Life isn't about getting a job and earning money. Even a skilled yet uneducated mechanic can fix your car's brakes as well as a skilled and educated mechanic. But the fact that the mechanic who studied the fault in your car and brought the solution is because he was passionate about his work, he took interest in his job, he worked with devotion. Yet both earned money. It's about the passion which builds up the confidence in a student who ticks for the right subjects in his subject selection form. Not the idea that doctors earn more money than an artist can or because his/her mom wants him to be an engineer. Forcibly making a child do science if he wants to study law is like making your dog eat vegetables or feeding your cat cola than milk.
    Warren Buffett, a name which comes in the top ten richest men of the world didn't just turn into a billionaire overnight. He had interest towards saving money as a child, later he had interest in investing it. He saved $25 selling chewing gum, stamps, golf balls door-to-door and bought a pinball machine and set it up in a barber shop, later setting up around ten of those machines. That's how this man started off with his career. It's about how much you are amorous about your work. It's all about the interest a child has which brings about the decision he makes on the subjects he chooses to study.
    Education broadens a pupil's vision; it does not get you a job so you have a nice paycheck.

  • Children are progress in motion

    Children will change with environment and emotions, they must develop in a natural way. Giving them
    a chance to blossom into something great. Don't get me wrong do not think a child should come into school an decide from one day to the next i will do this today as i believe children need some structure. I think they should have options

  • Students Should Have Some Say

    Students should have some say in what they are taught. I can understand that they need guidance however students (at least during the high school age) should have some say in what they are taught as requirements and electives. By the time students reach high school they have a better sense of what they are talented at and if their courses were more flexible and selective students would have a better chance at excelling in what they love and are talented at. At all schools students have some required, or core, classes and some electives, as students of that school the teens there should have some input as to what they are interested in, how they best learn, and what they personally seem to excel at. If schools were focused more on students personal goals they might have a better sense of what personal career they want to achieve when they finish college.

  • Yes, Independence and Freedom.

    Students should be allowed to choose their subjects because it gives them freedom and independence. This is an important life skill that they will need when they are older. This should be a choice from grades 10 to 12. This will make students truly think about their future and it will improve the marks.

  • Children should have the opportunity to decide the subject they want to learn

    Some children are forced to study all the topics taught in schools. I think they should be allowed to choose whichever topic they want to learn. At least everyone knows that one can learn all things at once. If children are forced to study subjects they hate unless they will want to drop out of school. For instance,if they want to do music and a child has soar throat and teacher forces the child to sing,the child might end up having his or her voices cracked.

  • Children should have the opportunity to decide the subjects they want to learn.

    Some children are forced to study all the topics taught in schools. I think they should be allowed to choose whichever topic they want to learn. At least everyone knows that one can learn all things at once. If children are forced to study subjects they hate they will want to drop out of school. For instance, if they want to do music and a child has sore throat and teacher forces the child to sing, the child might end up having his or her voices cracked.

  • You might pay the bills, but you are not the student.

    Think about it...
    You might pay the bills, pay for education, and feed the student, but that does not mean that you are the student. You have no true idea what your child is capable of. If you truly loved your child, then you would have to trust them. Wise people have known this for thousands of years.
    "Love cannot exist where there is no trust."
    -Cupid and Psyche
    You have to trust your child will make the right decision. The most you can do without being a "Tyrant" of your child's life is guide them. Teaching a man to fish will help him much more than fishing for him.
    Many parents think they own their child, but this is wrong. You do not own your child. Your child owns your child. You do not see through his eyes, nor taste through his tongue.
    The people who understand this, these are the wise men. These are the magi.

  • Children need freedom.

    Some children dread going to school the next day purely because they don't enjoy the subjects that they have. Allowing them to choose their own subjects allows them to have just a little bit more freedom which means that they will come into school with a more positive attitude and will be more willing to learn if they have chosen subjects that they will enjoy. Even if parents help them just a little bit, it'll be for their benefit and they will have a better time in school.

  • OMG no way

    They will choose there favourite (and easiest),subject over and over again.They won't choose the subjects they don't now of. Also they won't pass any exams. They won't learn anything else then the thing they now.The won't get a job (and money), when there older because they did't learn anything in school.

  • They need a basis to build on ?

    If children aren't exposed to basic subjects such as English maths and science they might never discover a passion for a certain subject. They will be hugely influenced by the people around them and possibly make the wrong choices. No matter which job you have you will still need basic English and maths, possibly science.

  • Kids should not choose their subjects

    Kids should not choose their own subjects because they need to learn a little bit of everything, if they didn't do that then how would they be successful in the future? What if they had a job in the future but they didn't know how to ,let's say, do their math? What would other people think about them?They would probably look down on them. And how would those kids who are now grown ups feel? Sad? Ashamed? Embarrassed? And if that didn't happen what about the teachers? They would feel very frustrated. If a lot of people were in the same class because all of them chose the same subject, that would make the classroom overflow. The reason why there are many children in the same class can be because their friends like that subject, their favorite teacher teaches that subject or they were following their parents orders. So it's mostly not because they like it.

  • Children need a broad and well-rounded education

    While some elective subjects in senior school years are positive, kids need a good basis in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Art, Health and PE.

  • I don't think children should be able to choose the subjects taught in school.

    When children are developing, they only see the world through their parents. If children pick what they want to study, it will really be what their parents deem as important. It is important for children to be exposed to a broad range of subjects, which expands their horizons and views of the world. They have the option to study what they want in college, and even in some high schools.

    Posted by: PluckyCristobal97
  • They are just children

    If students were to choose what to learn they would surely choose the most easiest effortless and enjoyable subjects,reducing their abilities to challenge themselves.On the other hand the opposing side may say that students are the ones being taught and they know what methods work for them. However experts have had more experience in this field and have more knowledge about this matter, decisions should be made by more worldly wise people.

  • Who's choice is this?

    Yes, a student should be allowed some choice but in the end, they are still children. They might go for the subjects that their friends are taking, or a teacher that they like just because they are young. Why put this much pressure on a child? I am alright with students taking choices in year 9, however, if a parent helps you while taking these options than imagine what they will do to their younger children. Who will be choosing the subjects? The parent or the child? In the end, the child is not choosing the options, the parents are, this might have nothing to do with what the child wants to do when they are older. Then again, does a child know what they want to be when they're older for sure? How many of you wanted to be a pilot, the president, a princess or even a firefighter but chose to go on another route? What impact would this have on a child?

  • Kids shouldn't be able to choose their subjects.

    Students need to be well rounded, know a little bit of everything. For example, if someone chooses everything but English, how would they be able to write a Science essay? Also, what if someone only chose Gym? They'd basically play the whole day! Elementary school is the perfect time to learn just enough to be successful in everything.

  • Not Enough Education

    Kids are too young and they wont get the education they need at that age either. You'll have enough time choosing your own subjects when you're in university but even then you still have to take mandatory courses. So what I'm trying to say is that when they're young they're going to have to take those courses because it might matter later on. And you will have more time doing what you want when you're older. So I do think that they shouldn't be allowed to.

  • We shouldn't think of it

    In the schools the children r not at all allowed to choice there subject because the do not correctly
    What to do about it and they do not know which subject is good for them as compared to the college people they have a developed mind to think about them we can think this process for college student

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