Should children be allowed to drive when they turn thirteen

  • Young children need more freedom

    13 year old kids do not get nearly enough freedom. They are forced to do everything the way their teachers at school tell them to do and what their parents tell them to do and allowing them to drive will be the first step to giving them the freedom they need and deserve.

  • They could learn

    They could at least be given a chance to learn (in a car with dual controls and with a trained instructor)…. . . It would give them a chance to prove themselves. I know people will say they could be more dangerous and crash but if they are with a trained instructor there is no real way this could happen. . . . . If they were THAT bad the instructor would refuse to give them any more lessons. As to whether they could ever pass a test personally I doubt it but I could be proven wrong.

  • No way! Never!

    The age limit should be raised to 30. Young drivers cause the vast majority of accidents. Do you know how many people die from road accidents? Millions per year! It's needless. But because driverless car technology isn't perfect yet, We need an interim solution. So in short, I say raise the age limit.

  • Better be a joke.

    1. Nobody wants to spend money on another car or lend their children their's because there's a good chance they'll wreck it.
    2. If these kids had access to a car, They could go ANYWHERE and meet ANYONE. By the time you notice your car's missing your kid could be in another state and confronted by a pedophile.
    3. Kids are immature and still need to develop physically and mentally. If they have a hard time listening to you, You can't trust that they'll stay within the boundaries you put around them. You can't trust they won't kill themselves.
    4. Adults are already putting themselves in danger just by driving. Imagine if a kid, Even if they had driving lessons, Took the wheel.

  • No most don't even want teenagers driving.

    There are responsible mature children that can make wise decisions AND KNOW THEIR LIMITS. And for every wise child there are a thousand immature reckless kids.
    Kids that do things behind their parents backs and fall to peer pressure and that will not obey the law because they don't even obey their parents.
    I see legal drivers street race and do not want any more younger people driving when my life is in danger constantly.

  • These teens are still immature and shouldn't be allowed to drive

    Kids this young are still growing up and developing mentally and physically. These teens are still extremely immature and need more time to grow up before having the ability to drive. The ages right now in law for people being able to start driving is a totally fair age, As these people are starting to understand the world and are more mature than a teenager.

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